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Bastards! They lied to me!


Rumor Killer: The Rock Not Dropping Nickname
09/13/2006 by Ryan Gray

This morning we broke news that Dwayne Johnson was dropping “The Rock” nickname. It appears this information was taken out of context from another reporter. Below are two submissions from readers contradicting the claim:

Shane Trotman Reporting:
This morning on Orlando’s Doc and Johnny Morning show they had and interview with The Rock promoting Gridiron Gang. In it he said off the bat he is not dropping The Rock moniker, he said he was glad that he could not remember the journalist who was, since they also talked about Walking Tall and his other movies. He did say that they took it all out of context but he was always going to be the Rock just as he was going to be Dwayne Johnson.

Mike Ramos Reporting:
I live in Orlando, FL and on the way to work this morning the Rock was on a local radio station. (XL 106.7) They asked him about the report he may be dropping his name and he denied ever saying that. Something he said was completely taken out of context. It’s a false rumor and said he loves being known as “The Rock”.

Ok. Whatever. I don’t really care. I still stand by what I said earlier, that I think he should drop it. Its kind of dumb and stale. He isn’t The Rock, The Rock is a WWE character. He is Dwayne Johnson and I would want to be remembered as the man I am and not the character I was.

That’s it for today on the Rock.


PS I actually found the pic of THE ROCK with his finger up as if telling everyone to hold on. So I didn’t find that attached to this article. Just thought I’d let people know that I try to not just take the picture from the article all the time.

PPS Sadly, the Goldust picture from yesterday was on the site, but I didn’t know that until after I posted it up. I googled Goldust and I thought that was the best of the pics. So again, I went searching for a good pic, but unfortunately I wasn’t the only one that liked that one.

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