Brad Pitt’s Mission 4?



Brad Pitt Does A Fourth “Mission”?
Posted: Tuesday September 19th 2006 6:43am
Source: This Is London
Author: Garth Franklin

The British tabloids, where else eh, have come up with a report that Brad Pitt has been lined up to replace Tom Cruise in the next “Mission Impossible” film in a move that will make Pitt the highest-paid actor in Hollywood history.

An insider told This Is London that: “MI:IV will not include Cruise’s character, agent Ethan Hunt. They’re considering a brief mention, saying Hunt retired to live a safe life with his new wife. They’re set on Brad taking over as a gutsy new head operative who puts together his own unique team of specialists.”

Paramount Pictures, the company behind the franchise, ended their long-running partnership with Cruise the other month, whilst a few months earlier negotiated a deal to produce projects with Pitt’s Plan B production company. No doubt this report is speculation due to those circumstances, nevertheless as speculation goes this is one of the few that doesn’t sound too bad.

I definately agree, this doesn’t sound too bad, but that article was from Tuesday, here’s yesterday’s article from

Pitt’s ‘Mission Impossible’?

Although there were denials all around, reports spread rapidly Tuesday that Paramount had chosen Brad Pitt to star in the next Mission: Impossible sequel. The report first surfaced on the syndicated Access Hollywood and indicated that Pitt would not be playing Ethan Hunt, the character that Tom Cruise resurrected from the old TV series. “They’re set on Brad taking over as a gutsy new head operative who puts together his own unique team of specialists,” one source was quoted as saying. The report even indicated that Paramount is willing to pay Pitt $39 million to get him to sign on (but apparently not a percentage of the gross, which reportedly brought Cruise nearly twice that amount). Paramount branded the report a “complete fabrication.” Pitt’s spokesperson called it “not true.”

Damn, damn, damn damn! I mean…I’d prefer Tom Cruise, but his character realistically is written out. But a new character could be brought in for another three movies. Why not Brad Pitt?


6 thoughts on “Brad Pitt’s Mission 4?

  1. flammable says:

    Hmm…not sure how I feel about this. At number 4, they’re getting into the high numbers…where movies just turn bad from too many sequels. It happens. A trilogy can be tight, whereas 7 movies in a series generally isn’t.

    Maybe if they did something where they had another Mission Impossible series…with another actor…that takes place at the same time as the other movies! Think…parallel movies. Maybe put Brad Pitt’s character into situations where he runs into people, in the middle of the original movies. That would kick ass.

    I think Pitt would be alright, and although it’s hard to see someone replace Tom Cruise, I really couldn’t sit through M:I III without thinking “but this guy is a moron in real life.” I left for the bathroom in the middle of the movie (just when I was starting to enjoy it) and when I returned, the illusion was over…and didn’t really like the rest of the movie.

  2. socramforever says:

    I really enjoyed M:I III, I thought it was the best out of the series. I didn’t even once think about Tom Cruise’s personal life. Yeah, seeing how things have been going recently with people being obsessed with movie stars personal lives (like with Ben Affleck, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, ect…) no one really cares anymore about them. I try to get out of that mindset for a movie. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    As for M:I 4, I don’t think its going to happen, but I don’t consider it a real part 4, non of the other movies are really connected to each other and they all stand alone as would a fourth Mission movie.

  3. flammable says:

    I can see what you mean, there. Am not obsessed, but I can’t maintain an illusion like that when he’s trying to pull off a character such as Ethan Hunt.

    Paris Hilton is another, I just hate her. Every bit of her, I just cannot stand her existence.

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