Showgirls the musical set to play in Las Vegas


…I guess after Celine leaves, Evkoz will have a reason to go back to Vegas….

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“Worst Film” To Be Transformed Into Las Vegas Show

Showgirls, which won six Golden Raspberry awards in 1995, including worst film of the year — and is widely regarded as one of the worst films of all time — may become a Las Vegas musical. According to New York magazine, writer Joe Eszterhas, who reportedly was paid $1 million to write the movie’s screenplay — and who himself received a Golden Raspberry for his troubles — is spearheading the effort to revive the movie on a Las Vegas stage. The magazine said that he has enlisted the help of the producers of the hit Broadway musical Urinetown.

I did see Urinetown, and it was exactly what the title is, a town where the government controls where you go to the bathroom. Strange musical, but funny as shit. I actually met someone the other day at my new job, a teacher who had a part in Urinetown. He played one of the cops in the movie, Barrel. I didn’t remember there names, but he said, you know, Lock, Stock and Barrel. He had one line in the whole play.

But the reason why I brought up the fact that I saw Urinetown is that it was a pretty damn good musical and I’m disappointed that those involved in the creation of such a great little play would take part in Showgirls the musical. But I guess if the money is there then who wouldn’t go huh?


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