Jungle Cruise set to start at Disney

At the end of 2003, then CEO of Disney Michael Eisner stated that since Pirates (one) had done so well and with The Haunted Mansion (with Eddie Murphy) was coming out in a few months that Pirates 2 would be the last of the movies based on rides…I guess now that Michael Eisner is no longer the CEO of Disney they decided to proceed forward with more movies based on Disney rides.

From Darkhorizons.com:

Disney Goes On A “Jungle Cruise”
Posted: Thursday September 21st 2006 3:34am
Source: Reuters
Author: Garth Franklin

Walt Disney Pictures is giving high-priority status to another movie project based on a Disneyland ride reports Reuters.

“Smallville” showrunners Al Gough and Miles Millar are in negotiations to write “Jungle Cruise,” an adventure movie and potential franchise that is being produced by Mandeville Films.

“Cruise” is based on the Disneyland ride in which parkgoers travel the jungle river guided by a riverboat skipper, encountering such wild creatures as pirhanas and gorillas during their tour. The ride was one of the 22 original attractions when the park opened in 1955.

I remember this ride, it was the one that the tour guide has to kill the hippo that pops out of the water.

Here’s more from IMDB.com:

Disney Testing New Theme-Park Waters
The Walt Disney Co. is planning to turn another one of its theme-park rides into a movie. Today’s (Thursday) Hollywood Reporter reported that Disney Pictures is developing a film version of Jungle Cruise, one of Disneyland’s original “E-ticket” rides. The studio has had mixed results in turning its Magic Kingdom rides into magic at the box office. Although Pirates of the Caribbean has produced the biggest grosses in the studio’s history, the 2004 movie The Haunted Mansion was generally regarded as a disappointment. The $90-million movie earned less than $25 million in its debut and wound up with about $75 million domestically, while Disney’s Country Bears bombed in 2002 with just $17 million.

Wow! Explains why they were supposed to stop making these movies. Here’s a question…seeing how much Pirates makes, why don’t they just give all of the rides to Jerry Bruchheimer to produce? Wouldn’t that be smart?


6 thoughts on “Jungle Cruise set to start at Disney

  1. flammable says:

    LOL, that sounds great to me.

    And cast Johnny Depp in them, too. I think that’s why most women went to go see Pirates, not because of the awesome pirate stuff (which so few understand).

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