Had a great Saturday!

I thought because of the STUPID rain that our plans to go with my parents to go apple picking would have ruined. I haven’t been apple picking in like ten years maybe more maybe less. I don’t remember now. It was wet and muddy and fun. We have a bunch of apples that we have full intentions of making into a pie, mind you the key word was intensions. We’ll probably just end up eating them.

Then we went home and watched a movie (I have a list of five movies that Margret let us borrow that I have to post up soon, as well as the movies that we’ve seen that I have yet to get a chance to sit down and review) and that was cool.

After that we went to Michael’s and Target in Rockaway mall and from there we had a not so nice of an experience at El Coyote, a Mexican resturant without a single Mexican person in it. It was better last week when I went there with my parents while Melissa was home.

We came back and relaxed played with the buns, who hoped around and only wanted his face rubbed.

All in all the most relaxing day I’ve had in a while. Thank you to all who made it that way.


4 thoughts on “Had a great Saturday!

  1. anonymous says:

    Your mom said she also had such a great time at the apple orchard that she wanted to continue the day by driving down to the beach – but she had to come back home.

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