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This actually sounds pretty cool.

From the special weekend edition of

Raimi Makes Some “Archenemies”
Posted: Saturday September 23rd 2006 7:37pm
Source: IESB
Author: Garth Franklin

Sam Raimi has just penned a deal with Dark Horse Entertaiment and Josh Donen to produce “ArchEnemies” reports The IESB.

An adaptation of a Dark Horse Comics title, the story follows two roommates who, as their costumed alter egos Star Fighter & Underlord, are mortal enemies.

Sam Raimi, Josh Donen and Mike Richardson will all be serving as producers. No writer or director have been decided on as of yet.

Sounds very cool in fact. I love these types of things, especially if they take it seriously and not turn it into a My Super Ex-Girlfriend or a Mr. and Mrs. Smith type of thing.


2 thoughts on “Sam Rami news

  1. socramforever says:

    I thought you would like it. Sam Raimi is apparently highly considering moving over to do The Hobbit and Kirstin Dunst said if Raimi doesn’t come back then she won’t and Tobey probably won’t come back either.

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