Disney’s animation department to have cuts

More cuts on the Disney front.

From darkhorizons.com:

Disney Animation Undergoes Staff Cuts
Posted: Monday December 4th 2006 1:50am
Source: Reuters
Author: Garth Franklin

If you thought that the great culling over at Disney Pictures was over, think again. Seems that talk of Pixar’s acquisition not affecting jobs was only talk.

Five months on from the 20% workforce cut in the live-action film division, the company confirmed to Reuters that it plans to do the same thing at its Burbank animation facility with 160 jobs to be cut.

Employees are due to be notified of their employment status by mid-month and be given two months notice.

The reason for the culling? Much it being the expense of Disney’s $8 billion purchase of Pixar Animation Studios and the move to a longer production cycle for films.

The studio now plans to release two animated movies a year – one Disney label in Burbank and one Pixar label in Emeryville.

The cuts also come as the department wraps up work on next March’s animated family flick “Meet the Robinsons”.

Well, hopefully all their cuts do end up helping the company in the long run.


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