Short Circuit remake?

Johnny 5? Alive?


No.5 is Alive!
Posted : December 4, 2006 Writer : Clint Morris

Moviehole has got word (fairly solid word) that yet another 80s classic is about to get the remake treatment – and I think I just spewed in my mouth a little.

“Shirt Circuit”, John Badham’s 1986 sci-fi comedy/adventure, about a wacky experimental government robot named Johnny 5 who flees the government and ultimately ends up hiding out with a suburban sweetie (Ally Sheedy), is about to get a contemporary do-over.

There have been rumours about some kind of continuation of the franchise for a while now, but this is the first that someone up the food chain has actually acknowledged the buzz. It’s believed some of the original gang – sans Badham – are involved in the remake.

The original film, which starred Guttenberg, Sheedy, Fisher Stevens, G.W Bailey and Tim Blanley as the voice of ‘No.5’, made over $40 million on its release in 1986.

Thanks to ‘Rick Rossovich’s arm-hair’

This one is kind of like the Adventures in Babysitting, they just shouldn’t do anything with it and leave it alone…that’s just my thing.


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