Back to writing

For the first time in two months, I wrote tonight. I didn’t get to do too much, I had to reread 33 pages and along the way I tweaked here and there and fixed some things and I ended up only writing a little bit, but I pulled out the script I wrote by hand and I should be continuing and finishing before the end of this year. I hope to find enough time to get it done (I still have Christmas break).

So, its not much, but its a start.


4 thoughts on “Back to writing

  1. socramforever says:

    I’m going to try…the next day (which was yesterday) I had some new ideas to add to the script and the same with today, so as soon as it happened I knew that I was back on top of writing this thing…whoo!!!

  2. socramforever says:

    Go go gadget Marcos!

    Yeah, and yesterday I had a great meeting about the short movie I’m working on (currently in pre-production) that I’ll be posting about later today.

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