We’ll miss you Dale

One of our twin fish, Dale, died last night. They have been with us since April 20th, 2005. Erica is now by herself in the tank. In an effort to keep Erica happy, we’re going to buy another little friend for her, perhaps a Dale 2 or maybe even a Chip! or something like that.

Melissa called me this morning and told me that one of the fish had died, if I wasn’t already walking into the school, I probably would have cried or something. I love my girls (I had many nicknames for the fish, like the girls, or the twins) and I’m sad that one of them is gone.

Here is a link to the blog entry when we got them both: http://socramforever.livejournal.com/11316.html

Here are the two of them in the tank on the first day that we got them:

We’ll miss you Dale.


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