Bigfoot expedition planned

Instead of using this money for good, these people are most likely wasting their time.


‘Bigfoot’ expedition planned in Michigan

MANISTIQUE, Michigan (AP) — Researchers will visit Michigan’s Upper Peninsula next month to search for evidence of the legendary creature known as “Bigfoot” or “Sasquatch.”

The expedition will focus on eastern Marquette County, said Matthew Moneymaker of the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

“We’ll be looking for evidence supporting a presence. … We hope to meet local people who might have seen a Sasquatch or heard of someone else who had an encounter,” Moneymaker told the Daily Press of Escanaba.

The legend of Bigfoot dates back centuries. But skeptics have challenged accounts of sightings, and practical jokers have staged hoaxes that have included grainy film footage of people dressed in costumes.

But Moneymaker said members of his organization have either glimpsed Bigfoot or gotten close enough to hear the creature in all but three of 30 expeditions in the United States and Canada.

The late Grover Krantz, a Washington State University professor who specialized in cryptozoology, the study of creatures that have not been proven to exist, believed Bigfoot was a “gigantopithecus,” a branch of primitive man believed to have existed 3 million years ago.

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Now that’s something I never heard before, gigantopithecus, I mean that would explain why for centuries there have been sightings of it. One could say that most of what has been seen in films is most likley a hoax (and probably is) but the explaination as to why so many others saw it centuries ago could be this primitive man thing. Interesting.

I find that when things like this get explained it takes away from all of the “interesting” things that are out there. As long as they don’t take ghost away from me we’re all good.


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