The Alchemist to be made into a movie

I’m looking at the copy of the book that my father let Melissa and I borrow to read. I believe she finished it while I never got around to reading. Now I may have to just pick the thing up and get it over and done with.


Fishburne Strikes “Alchemist” Gold
By Garth FranklinWednesday June 27th 2007 12:41am
image Laurence Fishburne and A-Mark Entertainment have acquired the film rights to the 1998 best-selling novel “The Alchemist” from Warner Bros. Pictures with the intent of making the movie themselves reports the trades.

Warners acquired author Paulo Coelho’s philosophical book — about a young Spaniard traveler journeying the world during the Inquisition in order to find man’s purpose in the world, and uncovering a hidden treasure within the Egyptian pyramids — in 2003 as a Fishburne vehicle.

Fishburne wrote the screenplay for the film and also is set to direct. Barrie Osborne (“The Lord of the Rings”) is producing.

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