Terminator Salvation director announced part two of two

So, yeah, they picked a director for this film, and it was annouced today. I’m not to happy with the decision, and most of you have probably never heard of him, or if you did, don’t know much about him. I’ll be honest, aside from the films that I’ve seen him direct, I also don’t know much about him, but I’ve never liked his style…

also from darkhorizons.com:

McG Set to Direct Terminator Salvation
Source: Moviehole
November 16, 2007

While it’s been hinted in previous Hollywood trade articles, Moviehole now says it’s a done deal – McG will direct Warner Bros. Pictures’ Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, the fourth installment in the popular franchise.

Expected to hit theaters in the summer of 2009, “Terminator Salvation” will reinvent the cyborg saga with a storyline to be told over a three-movie span. The film is set in the future, in a full-scale war between Skynet and humankind.

McG directed We Are Marshall for WB and also helmed the “Charlie’s Angels” films.

Ok, so I’ve never seen We Are Marshall. But I did see parts of Charlie’s Angels and Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and I thought that both the Angel movies were attrocious. They were simply skits thrown together with an over abundant amount of special effects that did not make sense nor did they abide by any laws of physics or gravity. People flying everwhere and hitting each other multiple times in mid air. Mind you I am a huge action movie fan and I’ve probably spoken highly of films that do what I just complained about, but I just didn’t care much for it and this guy, McG, was on fire when the first Angel movie came out .He had huge plans of shooting some film about stolen air force jets that would see an entire movie (probably 90% special effects) as a dog fight (fighter jets in combat ala WWI/WWII or a great example would be any space battle in Star Wars were considered dog fights).

I cringe at the thoughts of someone like McG directing this. I’m hoping that with his experience on We Are Marshall that he might have matured enough to direct this film and actually make a watchable sequel to a classic franchise.

I put McG in line with Brett Ratner, whom I consider to be a complete hack, who did well with Rush Hour 2, and whom Adam (my producing partner) loves his take Red Dragon (the prequel to Silence of the Lambs). But I hold Ratner in complete and utter fault for f’ing up the X-men franchise by making a half ass third act to what was going to be one of the most amazing trilogies in Comic Book history. Brett Ratner should stay away from any of my beloved movies franchises (he dare not go anywhere near my Batman!). McG is one of these guys that studios love to drool over for some unknown reason. Since McG and Ratner’s debuts into filmdom, I believe that movies have evolved, especially action movies, and not towards the better, they’ve either become worse or in my opinion, non-existent. This past summer was the first summer in forever that I was able to see two (count them 2!) amazing action movies. Transformers (which I now own on DVD) and Live Free or Die Hard (which I will own on DVD this coming Tuesday). My mind gave a sigh of relief after seeing both of them knowing that people still long to see good quality action films that have a popcorn movie feel to them. If McG can make something even remotely similar to Transformers in the sense of scale, scope and epicnes, I’ll be extremely happy. If he doesn’t and I walk away feeling cheated, I probably will never go to see another Terminator movie again.

I’m done, that’s it, let’s see where it goes.


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