User Pics: Retired

After much consideration, I’ve decided to retire some of the user pics that I’ve used for the last few years.

Say goodbye to this Triple H:

Say hello to the new one:

Also, say goodbye to this Captain Jack Sparrow:

and say hello to the new Pirates of the Caribbean:

And finally, say goodbye to Carlito:

Not that I’ve lost interest in Carlito, but I think change is good here at the blog. So, say hello to another current WWE superstar, Mr. Kennedy:

These three have entered the Hall of Fame of User Pics, I hoped you enjoyed them while they were up, but its time to put them to rest and move on. I’ll probably be changing some of the other ones (except for the Mathew and Peanut ones, I might be adding another Peanut one soon too), but I’ll post something before I do that.


PS Who knows, the new ones might bore me and I might bring some other ones in. Look for House to be changed soon too.

5 thoughts on “User Pics: Retired

  1. flammable says:

    Neat! Am interested in what you change House to, because I really like that one.

    Changed mine earlier today, too. 🙂

    Also, what is Mr. Kennedy doing in that picture?

  2. socramforever says:

    Mr. Kennedy’s gimmick is that he’s a real loud mouthed prick, and instead of allowing the ring announcer to announce his entrance, he gets in the middle of the ring and an old school mic lowers from the rafters above and he not only announces himself “Misteeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr Kenneedyyyyyyy…..” but he repeats his last name “Kennedy!”

    here’s his entrance video, this should give you more of an idea of him, along with the song that he comes out too:

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