Independence Day director to make a 2012 film!!!

But the bad part is that its not based on the book my father bought me for Christmas. Dammit!!! The one that is based on the book that I got was going to be directed by Michael Bay…guess with Transformers 2 and this movie you can kiss the version based on the book gone.

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Emmerich Plans A “2012” Apocalypse
By Garth Franklin

Wednesday, February 20th 2008 3:15am

Roland Emmerich (“The Day After Tomorrow,” “Independence Day”) is set for another apocalyptic epic entitled “2012” reports Variety.

The German director, about to release prehistroic actioneer “10,000 B.C.”, shopped the script he co-wrote with Harald Kloser around to studios on Tuesday and nearly all of them were interested enough to meet with him today to hear his budget projection and creative aspirations.

After that, studios will bid on an essentially greenlit film that Emmerich intends to direct next and have ready for a Summer 2009 release.

Today, this came into my e-mail from

Sony buys Emmerich’s ‘2012’
Summer tentpole set for 2009 release

Roland Emmerich
Sony has snapped up “2012,” a spec script for a 2009 summer tentpole release that Roland Emmerich will direct.

Sony has essentially committed to greenlight the film, signaling that studios are open to flashy packages after the resolution of the writers strike. Production will begin in late summer or early fall.

Deal came on the same day that Emmerich pitched his vision and his budget projections for the film, which he scripted with “10,000 B.C.” co-writer Harald Kloser. Execs at various studios, who read the script Tuesday (Daily Variety, Feb. 20), were then invited to pitch Emmerich and his CAA reps on how they would market the picture.

Several studios bid on the project, while some shied away from a pricetag that could hit $200 million.

The title refers to the date on which the world is supposed to end, and it frames an ensemble disaster epic akin to “The Day After Tomorrow,” the blockbuster that Emmerich sold in a similar spec sale and which turned into a global hit for 20th Century Fox.

The Emmerich-directed prehistoric epic “10,000 B.C.” will be released by Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures on March 7.

Emmerich and Kloser will produce; exec producers are Michael Wimer, Mark Gordon and Ute Emmerich.

He’s been on a role with his movies and I can’t wait till “10,000 B.C.” comes out, it looks awesome! This one should be a huge huge movie!


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