“Cliffhanger” Sequel news

Here’s one that I just figured completely and utterly dead. I can remember when my parents first started buying me the Cinescape magazine over a decade ago with Star Trek: Generations as the cover picture (which dates the first magazine in 1994–something tells me I still have it somewhere in my room at my parents house…I wonder if its a collectors item or something?). In the back of the magazine they always had an area that had upcoming movies. I remember there being Star Wars prequels (and at that time they had no idea if they would even be made or not!)

One of them was a sequel to Cliffhanger, the Sylvester Stallone movie that would be called “The Dam” and would have Sly’s character on the Hoover Dam and trying to thwart terrorist or something from blowing up the dam. But it vanished. And then when this popped up earlier this week I was kind of shocked and taken back (to the early 90’s…ah, memories).

from darkhorizons.com:

“Cliffhanger” Sequel Rumors
By Garth Franklin

Monday, February 18th 2008 12:52am

It’s a very unlikely story, nevertheless the British tabloids are reporting that Sylvester Stallone wants to revisit his rock-climber character Gabe Walker from 1993’s “Cliffhanger”.

One of Stallone’s better action films outside of the Rocky/Rambo franchises, the original Renny Harlin-directed thriller took in $255 million worldwide off a $65 million budget and received praise for the two memorable action/suspense sequences that start the film.

Still, plans for a sequel in the late 90’s were scrapped due to the star’s dwindling box-office appeal. Now, with Rocky and Rambo having made successful returns, talk of the sequel entitled “The Dam” has apparently begun again over at Sony Pictures.

I don’t remember if I liked Cliffhanger or not. I’ve seen it on TV a bunch of times but I never sit through the whole movie. I remember there being a scene where there is a rabbit that gets shot at and that it runs away. I also read that there was an alternate shot of that where they shoot at the rabbit and kill it and that got such a bad reaction from test screenings that Sylvester Stallone put up his own money to get it reshot to have the rabbit run away. That’s because rabbit rule!

Garth Franklin starts this as “It’s a very unlikely story” but I’d like to see this be made into a film. If they can bring Rocky and Rambo back for sequels, why not a sequel for this one.


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