Writing Update: Final Draft crashes

I’ve been writing my script on Final Draft, one of those script writing programs that helps you write in the proper format and if you work with it enough it helps you with things that on Microsoft Word you would have to type yourself. During dialog it puts the characters name up and in between scenes or a change in scenes it put the INT. (for interior) and EXT. (for Exterior) among other things. One of the great things about Final Draft is that is auto saves every few minutes or so, but alas, it hadn’t saved for a few minutes and it crashed not too long ago.

This morning I noticed that the computer was running a little slow, a clear indication that I should probably restart, but not wanting to be halted by anything I proceeded throughout the day. I didn’t loose much, only about a page and a half of work (I’m now on 140 pages–would have been 141 if the damn thing didn’t crash) but its definitely putting a slight monkey wrench in my plans for today.

After my post earlier today (below or above depending on when you read this) I dove head first into my uncharted territory and went as far as I could go, I almost gave up and decided around 2ish to get up out of my seat and clean a little, the apartment and myself along with Peanut’s cage, who is sitting there cheering me on in his little muted temperament.

I got to a point that I thought I needed to go back and completely rethink the whole thing and then after a little bit of writing I realized I didn’t have to. I had the answer right in front of me and it gives the tail end of my script a little more drama than I had originally had even thought of.

Am I mad about Final Draft crashing? Yes, a little, I had some pretty good stuff written on the page and a half that I had. I can definitely get it back, at least by writing it down somehow. Will it be as good, it most definitely can be. I just wish I wasn’t writing this as a therapeutic way to deal with the page and a half loose.

In about an hour or so, Melissa and I have to go to an impromptu Home Owner’s or Home Buyer’s class because part of our mortgage requires this class to be taken. Its from 5:45 to about 9:30. Ohh man. So, wish me luck not to be spacey during those hours.

Now I’m going back to try and salvage what’s on my mind after this minor little set back. As Melissa said as I called her right after it happened, it could have been worse, it could have been 40 pages and not just a page and a half.


One thought on “Writing Update: Final Draft crashes

  1. flammable says:

    Oh man! Well, glad it wasn’t worse, definitely.

    Good luck on the class! Never heard of that before, hope it’s worthwhile.

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