Writing Update: Finished

Ohh man! Five days and three years later I’m done with my script. Phew! Is it to where I’m willing to share it around, no, I’m not entirely happy with it, the ending still needs some work. I’d like to make the relationship between the main character and his love interest a little stronger towards the end while at the same time shaving off at least sixty pages worth of the script (its clocked in at 184 pages currently) but its done. Its down on paper (or rather its down on hard drive) and I’m extremely happy that the hardest thing to do is done, and that is getting it from head to computer.

Ohh man! That’s all I can really say right now. I did what I set out to do this week. Somehow I didn’t really think I would be able to do it. I thought, like I said before I’m sure, that I would have gotten back to work (oh shit! the weeks almost over!) on Monday and hated myself for not even getting up to work on this thing. I really needed to write this too. This is the first script I’ve completed in like four or five years. I’m so excited about that. The prospects of it just being done makes me feel so good. At the same time there is an emptiness in my head about it too. Not a bad emptiness, but after spending the last four months listen to songs on the way to and from work on the car ride gearing myself to write certain scenes, listen to the music as a way for inspiration I don’t need that anymore for this one.

On Wednesday morning I walked out of the apartment and into the Civic and drove to Dunkin Donuts (something I ended up not doing today, I’m actually working for the first time this week without any caffeine in my system, I am simply running on some form of adrenaline from the fact that I knew I was almost done)and I listened to a song over and over again knowing that when I got back I would be going right into the scene that the song was inspiring me to write. Later on that day, on our way to the Home Buyers class thing that Melissa and I went to I jumped in the car and the song was still playing on the CD and I turned it off very quickly. I don’t need to hear it anymore. Along with a bunch of other songs. I’m done. Not completely done. But the creative process necessary to write down the script is pretty much done.

I’ll probably (and most definitely) be needing some time between now and the first submission date for the screenplay contest I am hoping to submit this one too in order to cleanly get the draft that I want this to be out there. I’m going to get there. This week has given me the necessary fire under my ass to get this done. I didn’t think I would be writing at all really. This was more a test on my part to see if I still had it in me. I used to write scripts in days (at the time back when I was in high school I wasn’t worried about length or if they were any good but more of a way to practice). I do know that I have my work cut out for myself. I’m sure I’ve entered enough cheesy dialog to last a life time as a way to fill out things I wanted the characters to say and I’ll have to go over the whole script with eagle eyes just to make sure that things aren’t nearly as cliched as they are in my head sometimes.

I might be done, but like I said, now the next phase in the evolution of a script is needed and that is the re-write. (sigh) I’m actually ready for it. I really am. And on top of that, I’m looking forward to it.


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