Welcome to IMDB!

After watching two movies tonight, Melissa just hopped into bed and I’m up and I’m attempting to re-write the first twenty five pages of my script and I decided to go onto the internet. I spoke to Adam Vargas, writer/director of The Black Facade (formerly Jack, Jack Black) the film that Adam (Chinoy) is acting in playing a guy that looks like Jack Black. Vargas told me that soon I should be seeing my name on IMDB (Internet Movie Data Base). Its an amazing website that I’ve been going on since I probably got internet and I’ve dreamed of having my name on there. I checked every day and slowly but surely things, here and there, were slowly added.

I checked this morning in between writing and not much changed. I check right now, not expecting much and I saw that they added Vargas and Chinoy’s names and I decided to check a little further and check the full cast and crew and low and behold, I’m on there! As an Associate Producer.

I’m on IMDB!!!

Holy crap! That’s awesome. I’m slowly getting an on-line portfolio of sorts on there. WHOO!

There’s not much too it, but its a start, check it out: http://imdb.com/name/nm2960144/

Ohh man! That’s exciting!


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