Sour Flower

As I mentioned in the previous post I got a call from Andrew “Tank” Rivara, who worked on both “The Waiting Game” and on Adam’s “The Dark Path” called me on Thursday to see if I would be available to work on his senior thesis film project (due in less then a month) on the final two days. Mind you, I wouldn’t be doing a behind the scenes job, I would be…acting…to a certain extent. Not acting in the way of lines, which I asked him two or three times, just to make sure that I wouldn’t have too. I don’t consider myself an actor, never have. Tank explained to me that I would be playing a school administrator that breaks up a fight between the main character, Tim, and his rival, Todd after they give speeches for class president.

Breaking up a fight turned into tackling Todd on the floor repeatedly for two days. If I were to guess how many times I had to knock poor Andrew Gual (the actor who plays Todd) whom I never met and really didn’t speak to during the two days I would have to guess at least twenty times on Saturday and a further eight or so times on Sunday. Don’t believe me, I have to bumps and bruises to prove it. Either tackling on the hard wood floor at the Fairleigh Dickinson gymnasium floor or onto Tank’s dorm room mattress, either way I must say it was fun. I had so much fun in fact I find the bumps and bruises to be welcoming in some weird way. I don’t think its news to many people that I’m not the most athletic person in the world but right after the shoot on Saturday I felt like I was back in high school and I had just come back from martial arts training. It felt good.

I look forward to seeing Sour Flower as a finished product. I’m sure it’ll look great and be quite enjoyable to watch.

During the two days of shooting I took pictures with my cell phone and while some of them do come out pretty fuzzy and out of focus, I’m going to post them on here.


click for the pics:

the only picture that I took of myself

you can clearly see the mattress that we got to land

Barry Smith (who was in “The Waiting Game” as Dr. Fry also) has a big role in Sour Flower

that great skate board that many of the cast and crew enjoyed riding on…knowing my luck as well as my limitless balance, if I even dared to jump on it I would have fallen flat on my back

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