Peanut Chew: The Longest Reigning World Heavyweight Champion in CMWF History

There is a lot to be said about the dwarf rabbit named Peanut Chew. He’s a legend in his own little right. Only on this planet for a little over two and a half years and he’s making waves. He’s currently (not including John “The Baptist”) is the only Cosme pet but he’s also the current World Heavyweight Champion; and has been since the end of November of last year when he defeated “Fake Peanut” and his dad Marcos in a handicap match. After trading the championship back and forth from “Fake Peanut” to Marcos and back to “Fake Peanut”, it was a reward just to say the least. If you don’t remember it that series of matches, it has been a while so please take a look at it again!

34. Peanut Chew (8) 10/13/07–11/7/07

While the humans were away, the animals decided to FIGHT!

It was signed nearly a week before, but a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match was what was set.

The players: The CMWF World Heavyweight Champion Bae, Former Seven Time World Heavyweight Champion Peanut Chew,”The Psycho Bird” Pierre, and “The Miniature Massacre” Minnie Doty

In what was a shock at the open of the match, the three smaller animals took out the big white dog solidifying the fact that a new champion would be crowned.

Next, Pierre was mauled by the dwarf rabbit and the chihauhau and was also eliminated.

With the two small animals left to battle it out it was anyone’s game!

Many near falls from both animals, and a battle of wits, Minnie came within inches of the third count but Peanut got his shoulder up. With the wrong move, Minnie was hit with the pattened “Lucky Rabbit’s Foot” (standing drop kick) and pinned the rat dog for the three count starting the little dwarf rabbits eighth championship reign!

After the match, the dwarf rabbit had this to say: “I’m so happythat my parents got married today, I dedicate this win to them, notonly am I not a bastard anymore, but I’m bringing this back home! I love you Mommy and Daddy!”

35. “Fake Peanut” 11/7/07–11/13/07

On this day, a very unsuspecting dwarf rabbit was attacked by his visual twin, a mirror match in everyway, “Fake Peanut”. “Fake Peanut” has not been around for that long. He came about right before the real Peanut Chew’s parent’s wedding and he was always around. Never knowing that their “son” was a fraud, Marcos and Melissa would take “Fake Peanut” everywhere. “Fake Peanut” would even be taken with the newlywed couple on their trip to St. Lucia for their Honeymoon while the real Peanut was left at the Grandparent’s house. Peanut and “Fake Peanut” never actually met until today.

Peanut was in his cage eating some hay when a CMWF ref came over and told him that a match was about to start. Peanut not suspecting to be fighting himself nearly passed out at the sight of the “fake” one. While battling back and forth, nearly countering every move that the other one made, “Fake Peanut” was able to take out his furry twin with the new and (according to “Fake Peanut”) improved Lucky Rabbit’s Foot (standing drop kick) to win the CosMel Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Championship.

Appauled by what happened, Peanut called for his father, Marcos, to come to his aid, but unfortunately Marcos was no where to be found. Peanut tearfully recounted the experience to his mom, Melissa, who informed CMWF management of the uncalled for match. When word of what happened to his son got to him, Marcos vowed to get back at the “Fake Peanut”. Especially seeing that for about a month, he and his wife were entertaining the little fraud everywhere. Even singing together while driving to work and letting the “Fake Peanut” sit in the front seat.

When asked for an interview “Fake Peanut” only had this to say: “How does it feel to be two you little jerk?”

36. Marcos (8) 11/13/07–11/22/07

Infuriated about his son’s loss to the vicious “Fake Peanut”, Marcos vowed to get back at the “Fake” one at any cost. On November 22nd, Marcos squared off in an impromptu match that no one saw and pinned “Fake Peanut” for the three count to win his eighth World Heavyweight Championship match.

After the match, when Peanut found out he was so happy that his father did that for him he cried in Marcos’ arms as the two of them looked at the championship together.

37. “Fake Peanut” (2) 11/22/07–11/25/07

Marcos’ eighth reign as CMWF World Heavyweight Champion would come to an abrupt end during the Thanksgiving Day weekend. “Fake Peanut” cornered the 8 time champion and proceeded to beat him under the 24/7 rules for the championship where anyone, anywhere at any time may vie for the title as long as they have a referee. Beaten to an extreme degree Marcos was unable to lift his shoulder for the three count and “Fake Peanut” became a two time champion.

Truth be told there is not a single referee that in all of the CMWF that can recall ever being involved in this match…

The truth sometimes hurts much more than anything else in the world. Shortly after “Fake Peanut” won via the massive beating of Marcos (the real Peanut’s father) rumors started to spread around that perhaps the reason why no one has ever seen either of the last two matches was because they were done by the same person. Both Marcos and “Fake Peanut” are in fact the same person, and this picture above proves it.

38. Peanut Chew (9) 11/29/07–Current Champion

On November 29th, 2007; Peanut Chew decided to challenge his father to a match for the title. Marcos however said that he was not the champion but “Fake Peanut” was and that he had no problem wrestling his son as long as it was a two on one handicap match, pitting Marcos and “Fake Peanut” (the champion) vs his son, Peanut Chew.

Peanut battled back against his father and “Fake Peanut” which in fact are the same person and was able to fight back and Peanut hit a record twenty two Luck Rabbits Foot (drop kicks) and pinned both his father and “Fake Peanut” to win the World Heavyweight Championship for the ninth time.

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