Mike Myers Penning Austin Powers 4

I pretty sure I posted something about this about a year or so ago when it first surfaced, but it should be interesting.

from Comingsoon.net:

Mike Myers Penning Austin Powers 4
Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily
July 31, 2008

Mike Myers has been developing a fourth “Austin Powers” movie for quite a while now. In May of 2007, he said:

“We’re developing a fourth [movie], entirely from Dr. Evil’s point of view. That is part of what I’ve been doing in the last little while.”

Now, Deadline Hollywood Daily has a few more details on which direction Myers is going:

I’m told that Mike Myers has started writing Austin Powers 4 which will be a homage to his father. “It’s very personal with a father and son theme loosely based on his own life,” an insider tells me. As Myers has previously said, this fourth installment of the super spy spoof movie series will focus on Austin’s arch-villain Dr. Evil, who was based on Blofeld of the Bond films. But what hasn’t been known is that the AP4 plot is really about Dr. Evil and his son (introduced already as Scott Evil, played by Seth Green).

The site adds that Myers is co-writing again with Michael McCullers, who collaborated with Myers on the second and third installments.

If it looks funny, I’d see it. As long as it was better than the stupid Goldmember movie.


3 thoughts on “Mike Myers Penning Austin Powers 4

  1. flammable says:

    Eew, you saw Goldmember? I haven’t seen more than 5 minutes of it, but it looked pretty bad. More of the same.

    I guess this is what Mike Myers does when new stuff like The Love Guru doesn’t do well.

  2. socramforever says:

    yeah, I was thinking the same thing too…sadly. If he’s going this route then why not make a Wayne’s World 3?

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