Spiderman Spinoff announced

Seems like Sony isn’t comfortable with only its Spiderman franchise and fear that it may be loosing some steam. So they have decided to commision a spinoff using Venom.

from comingsoon.net:

Sony Eyeing Spider-Man Spinoff
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
July 31, 2008

Sony is moving forward with Venom, a potential “Spider-Man” spinoff, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The trade says the studio is developing the project, based on the villain who appeared in Spider-Man 3 and is hoping the character could serve as an antidote to the aging “Spider-Man” franchise in the way that Fox has used Wolverine to add longevity to its “X-Men” franchise.

The studio had commissioned a draft of the script from Jacob Estes (Mean Creek), but the studio is considering going in a different direction from Estes’ script and is seeking writers for a new draft.

Casting also is no simple matter. Topher Grace played the character in the film, but agents have been eyeing the role for their clients, as Sony is not yet convinced the actor can carry a tentpole picture.

The Hollywood Reporter adds that neither Sony nor Marvel would comment for the story.

Sony is also still developing a fourth “Spider-Man” film for 2011.

I personally never liked stories that are about bad guys that turned good. Like Catwoman the comic book was stupid, she wasn’t the most interesting of characters outside of the Batman world (I might be wrong, but that’s how I feel) as well as Venom. My feeling is that just because the character is cool and all doesn’t mean you have to turn them good. I somehow feel that this movie, without the direction of someone like Sam Rami, will turn into what the film version of Catwoman turned into, garbage.


One thought on “Spiderman Spinoff announced

  1. flammable says:

    Venom was good in Maximum Carnage, where he had to team up with Spider-Man against Carnage. If they put Carnage in this film, I’ll probably see it.

    Venom just doesn’t work as a hero, though, and if they deviate further from the comics, it’s definitely going to suck.

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