Welcome to the new blog!

It kind of looks like the old one, sort of. I mean it has all the old entries in it (1982 entries–not counting that last one that lead you here, the “blog moving” one” and the one that I had to block…but don’t ask about that one).

Anyway, this new blog utilizes my cosmelentertainment.com website, which has recently had a new lease on life after I had pondered to get rid of it seeing that nothing was happening to it and that I wasn’t doing much with it anyway. But, good friend Mike, former resident of mine from FDU, which we’ve stayed in contact over the years came to the rescue and proposed a cool idea which keeps me on line.

Then most recently I get an e-mail from him saying that “Live Journal is dying!” which to sum it all up, Live Journal, the website that the old blog (which can be viewed here: Old Cos Blog) was run through was bought out by another company and they fired a little over half their staff of thirty some odd people. With that said there is a huge chance that live journal could just get shut down at any moment, either because the new company chooses to just close it down or if someone, for the hell of it, posts something inappropriate onto Live Journal, then the government or whoever could shut them down. Leaving many people without their blogs and whatever they published over the years. This was about a week or so ago, which is why nothing has been posted on the blog since the 5th (aside from sheer laziness and lack of time).

Mike offered this advice to me, he would download all of the entries (again, 1982 entries-not counting the one that I posted on as the final live journal showing you the way here) along with over 4500 comments in one all nighter. Then he placed them all onto this page. He checked on some things here and there (unfortunately we couldn’t get all of the youtube videos over from the livejournal.com page that I had posted but if you need to see them for whatever reason I have placed the link to the old blog, it’ll just sit there and collect dust until livejournal shuts down–also, the user pics are no more, sadly…but it does kind of make this blog an even more matture blog, if you could put it that way).

Last night Mike showed me how to post on this site and all the little ins and outs of it. I’m not entirely happy with the background theme. It was the best of the bunch that I had choosen, but its a little more familiar for now as people start to come over and me finding an adequate background. But for now, enjoy it. I’m going to try and post things a little more frequently. Pics will be placed on the CosMelEntertainment.com server, you probably just shouldn’t try to go to the main page, that hasn’t been touch since 2006 (its embarassing) but I do have plans to go for some classes or something and try and have a running website by the end of this year (yeah, I’m projecting far so that I don’t put my foot in my mouth).

So, to end things off, lets take a final look at the old blog:

The final image of Cos' BLog off of Live Journal
The final image of Cos' BLog off of Live Journal

A special thanks to Mike for all his hard work, I appreciate the hell out of it, as well as to Melissa who had to deal with Crazy Cassie by herself downstairs while I was up here on the phone figuring this mess out.

Enjoy the blog’s new home. Not much has been posted just yet. Please keep checking back for more posts today and leave me comments (they are so much easier now then they were on livejournal, all you have to do is leave a name and your e-mail address) to tell me what you think.


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