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Now that I have the new blog up and running, the user pics will be put left behind on Live Journal. Aside from the fact that they don’t transfer over, I kind of feel like not having a user pic (or avatar) kind of makes this blog more mature and more professional. So, we’ll just keep to that and have this entry as a goodbye to them.

We’ll start with the original three:


First I had a close-up of Triple H, from what I can only assume is one of his entrance videos, which you can check out here, see if you spot where it might be…

So, I used that one for a long long time and then I realized that I could have more than one and I got Captain Jack Sparrow and Mathew. Mathew was the original mascot for the blog and God do I miss that cat. I think the two (there is another one) of his are going to be greatly missed seeing every week.

But moving on, I got these:


Peanut came along and stole our hearts and he became the second mascot of the blog, so much so that the blog is practically dedicated to him with the “Where the Rabbit is King” line directly below the name.

Carlito, another wreslter, was used next and then House (from the show House). Mathew received another one as did a grown up Peanut Chew. And then the madness continued:

I added some:


Then I changed some and retired others and put new ones in:


Most of the ones above stayed, probably only two of them were retired.

Then I found this pic that I loved:


But a few weeks after making this one, I got a shot of Peanut that I thought was even better.


And honestly, now thinking about it, the Peanut Chew pic above was one that replaced this pic:


The final two user pics were a replacement and an addition.

I have the tentative/final logo for CosMel Entertainment and I decided to show it to the world:


And finally, a baby picture of our girl Cassie Mae:


It’ll be sad not seeing these pics, but it’ll be fine, I’m not going to cry. I’m just going to move on.


PS Here are the ones that were never used:


2 thoughts on “User Pics

  1. marcos says:

    And that is a good thing! Feels good to get comments again! Couldn’t have gotten it done without you man and I’m still getting there thanks to you. So, again I say, a big thank you!

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