‘Tower of Terror’ movie?

I just saw this from Darkhorizons.com:

Disneyland’s “Tower” Becomes A Film? No!

By Garth Franklin Sunday February 15th 2009 11:16AM
Disneyland's "Tower" Becomes A Film? No!Update (2/15)
Blue Sky Disney says according to their sources “It’s not happening. No film is in development at this time.”

Original Story (2/11)
Bloody-Disgusting reports that a major movie based on Disneyland’s “Tower of Terror” ride is in the works.

While rights issues are still being worked out, the plan is to follow a group of characters that enter a bizarre world where nothing is as it seems.

Previous film adaptations of Disney rides include “The Country Bears,” “The Haunted Mansion” and of course the highly successful “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise.

A TV movie based on the ‘Tower’ was released in 1997 starring Steve Guttenberg and Kirsten Dunst.

Honestly, I don’t know why they would do it. As far as I can remember the actual name of the ride is “Twighlight Zone Tower of Terror” and yes, they did have the made for TV movie on it already made. I think it would be a big waste of time, I actually thought that before the second Pirates movie that they were done trying to turn theme park rides into movies. I know the Pirates movies have made a lot of money, but what other ride has been as lucrative? Seriously. Don’t waste time on this one.


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