Been Busy

I don’t think I have to explain to anyone who has gone on-line to the blog recently that I haven’t actually been actively posting. I’ve in fact been busy. With what? I don’t know. I think that when Peanut got sick a few weeks ago I made a conscious effort to stay downstairs and be with Melissa and Cassie and also with him while he was recovering. I also have found it very difficult to find things worth posting. I don’t know if the nature of this blog–now that its an actual searchable blog on the internet– (just google “Peanut Chew Cosme” and see what comes up) allows me to just post daily movie rumors and things like that like I used to. I think I want to make this blog a little better than rehashing things. Am I going to stop doing that? No, I’ll probably post a blog about how Gore Verbinski passed on directing Pirates 4 right after this. But…

n614871557_2855076_5175689…I think that the entries, for the most part,  should be a little more personal. I don’t think I’ll stretch to post something on a daily basis if I don’t grasp on to something or if I don’t feel like posting.

If for whatever reason I find something funny enough, interesting enough or important enough for me to post something, then I will.

Watch, for the next week I’ll probably post something every day…I do have an entire inbox full of things that I had wanted to post…


PS I’ve been really trying hard at writing, I’ve actually been writing and I’m not just saying that. So, I’ve been trying to write whenever I can.

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