Wrestlemania 25 results

I know, seeing that I had posted my predictions I should at least post the results from the show.


So here they are from wrestlezone.com:

WrestleMania 25 Live Results
April 5, 2009
By: Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

Pre-show is over. The event is starting up right now.

The video package for tonight airs, narrated by Vince McMahon asking wrestlers their favorite past WrestleMania moments. All the WWE stars are shown discussing their favorite moments. After that, the music gets intense and all the WWE stars are shown talking about how tonight they will create someone’s favorite WrestleMania moment.

We open with an overhead shot of the Reliant stadium, which is an impressive sight.

The Pussycat Doll chick comes out and sings to open the show.

We get an assload of fireworks while the AC-DC theme song plays and the crowd goes nuts. Jim Ross talks about how it’s been a quarter-century of history and welcomes us to WrestleMania 25.

Dark Match/DVD Special
WWE & World Tag-Titles:
-Carlito & Primo Colon (c) vs. The Miz & John Morrison (c)

Carlito & Primo Colon beat The Miz & John Morrison in the dark-match special to unify the World and WWE titles in a match that was changed last-minute to a DVD-only bout. This was before the show, just filling it in for those looking for all results.

Money In The Bank Match:
-CM Punk vs. Mark Henry vs. MVP vs. Finlay vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian vs. Kane

Money in the Bank match is up first. CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Mark Henry is next with Tony Atlas. MVP. Now Finlay and Hornswoggle are on their way to the ring. Next is Shelton Benjamin. Kofi Kingston is in. Christian enters. Kane. And the match is underway. The ladder is used early as Kane takes a big shot. Kofi Kingston does a dropkick into the ladder. Everyone but Kingston is down. One-by-one, each guy attempts to climb the ladder only to be interupted by someone. Now everyone is teaming up and beating on Kane, knocking him out of the ring. Now all of them together go to Mark Henry and beat him out of the ring. Benjamin and Finlay climb one ladder, CM Punk and MVP climb the others. Kane and Henry are back in and knock down all four of them. Kane throws one ladder out of the ring. He sets the remaining ladder up and begins climbing. Mark Henry knocks the ladder over and Kane takes a bump on the ropes. Henry is the only man standing now as he tries throwing a ladder at Finlay like a dart but it flies over his head and to the floor. Finlay is alone in the ring now with no ladder. He dives through the ropes onto Kane and Benjamin. Now Christian is in the ring by himself. Christian leaps to the top rope in one bounce and does a flying body-press to the outside on three of them. MVP is on the apron now and does a flip into a bunch of guys. CM Punk and Kingston are in the ring and they stop and see no ladder. They simaltaneous run out and do double-dives through the ropes onto everyone else on the outside. Benjmain climbs a giant ladder on the outside and flips onto all the guys in an amazing spot. He took a bad bump but as far as it seems he’s ok. Now Henry climbs to the top rope but is hit by Finlay. Hornswoggle throws a step-ladder into the ring. Finlay sets it into the corner and Hornswoggle climbs it, gets on top of Henry’s shoulders and dives onto the floor knocking down everyone in the match. Finlay hits Henry with the step-ladder. Finlay sets up a ladder and Kingston charges him. He leaps through the middle of the set-up ladder to knock Finlay down. That’s a new one. Kingston tries a splash into the corner but Finlay throws the step ladder into him hard. Christian and Kane try and get back in the ring but Finlay knocks them back on the floor. He sets up a big ladder in the ring under the briefcase. Kingston with a spin-kick that knocks Finlay off the ladder. This is the Kingston showcase so far. He climbs the ladder but Henry is in and knocks it over. Henry holds a folded up tall ladder and Kingston leaps and lands near the top of the folded-ladder and almost got the briefcase. Kingston is looking amazing in this match so far. MVP is trying to climb but Benjamin knocks him off. They have a big ladder set up in the middle and a folder laded long-ways laying through the rungs of the standing-ladder. Benjamin climbs onto the ladder draped across the top rope and lands into a sit-down powerbomb from MVP. MVP and Punk are at the top of the ladder battling. Christian pulls MVP down. Christian tries pulling Punk down but is kicked away. Christian climbs up to the ladder across the rope. Punk is on there with him now and Christian does the “unprettier” onto the ground below. Benjamin with a spin-kick to Kane on the outside. Only MVP is in the ring now and he climbs the ladder. Christ. A third-piece of the ladder set up is added as there’s a ladder laying diagnally on the outside of the ring laying into the ladder draped across the ropes, which is wedged into the rungs of the tall ladder stood-up in the middle of the ring. Benjamin and MVP botch a spot in the ring. Benjamin throws MVP onto the floor. Benjamin and Finlay at the top of the ladder. Christian is back in the ring. Finlay takes a bump on ladder number two (middle ladder). Christian takes the ladder set-up apart (thank god). He sets up the ladder. He’s on top of one ladder and Benjamin is on top of the other. They get on the same ladder and it falls to against the top rope. Benjamin takes a fall to the floor. Christian, still on the ladder, lunges back to the other ladder and gets his hands on the briefcase. Kane and CM Punk are climbing the ladders trying to stop him. Punk is upside down from the ladder by his leg. Kane chokeslams Christian off the ladder. Punk is back up and it’s him and Kane now on top of opposing ladders. Kane goes for the chokeslam but Punk is throwing kicks. He knocks Kane off the ladder and reaches up to grab the briefcase and win the Money in the Bank match for the second year in a row.

Winner: CM Punk

-A video package from the Fan AXXESS festivities over the weekend airs.

-Lilian Garcia asks us to please welcome Kid Rock. It’s time for his little concert. He plays a medley of songs.

-25 Diva Battle Royal

I’m not listing all 25 names. Torrie Wilson, Victoria, Sunny, Molly Holly and Santino Marella are the new or big names in the match. Marella is in drag. The ladies are clearing out fast. I turn around and there’s only four left, five with Marella who is just standing by himself. Mickie James and Michelle McCool fall off the top rope together to the floor to eliminate themselves. Melina and Beth Phoenix are the only two left, with Santino standing around still. He dumps them over and over-celebrates, trying to keep his skirt down. Mae Young rings the bell. The announcers this entire time have been pretending not to know it’s Santino. Candice Michelle is coming in with a crown on a pillow. Santino has a mic. and says his name is “Santina”. Candice puts the crowd on Santina’s head and the sash across his body that says Miss WrestleMania. This is bad, even with Santino Marella in the spotlight. He’s dancing around as Kid Rock music plays. He’s doing splits and a whole routine and they’re keeping the cameras on this for far too long.

Winner: Santina

Up next is the Jericho vs. legends match. The trailer for the movie “The Wrestler” is airing with cuts of Mickey Rourke in a sit-down interview with WWE talking about it. Now the video package is showing random clips of Rourke in the media, including where he calls out Jericho. The rest is all the other clips, Larry King Live, etc. and all the WWE footage as well building up the Jericho-Rourke-legends confrontation, which is up now.

Chris Jericho vs. Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat & Jimmy Snuka

Mickey Rourke is shown sitting in the front row. Sitting next to him his MMA/UFC legend Frank Shamrock (Ken’s brother). Fireworks blast and Jericho is out first. Ricky Steamboat’s music plays and out he comes. He stops at the top of the ramp and Jimmy Snuka’s music plays as he makes his way to the top of the ramp as well. Roddy Piper’s music hits and out he comes. He stops at the top of the ramp and Ric Flair’s music hits. All four make their way down the ramp. All but Flair enter the ring. Piper yells for Snuka and Steamboat to “get the fuck out”. He turns and spits on Jericho and goes at Jericho with wild punches. He clotheslines him over the top. Piper’s arm gets tangled between the ropes on the way out. Piper nails Jericho’s head into the announce table and rolls him back into the ring. Piper with a dropkick. He’s definitely putting some work in with this match so far. Snuka asks for the tag from Piper, Piper obliges. Snuka goes to work on Jericho against the ropes. Snuka quickly tags Steamboat. Steamboat on the top rope and comes down with the punch. Steamboat with deep-arm drags. He’s working on Jericho’s arm. Steamboat can still go like it’s 1980. You hear a loud “WOOOOO!” from Flair as Steamboat is working his ass off. “Steamboat” chant from the crowd as he continues to work on Jericho’s arm. Steamboat tags Snuka and they double chop Jericho. Snuka plays to the crowd and Jericho quickly locks him into the “Walls of Jericho”. Snuka taps and is eliminated. Steamboat and Piper come in because Jericho won’t break the hold. Jericho cheap-shots Steamboat out of the ring. Piper attacks Jericho with kicks. Piper yelling cusswords loud enough to make it over TV quite often. Some are even being censored. Piper slaps Jericho in the face. Jericho with a running kick and pins Piper to eliminate him. It’s down to Steamboat and Jericho. Jericho wallops Steamboat. Jericho taunts the crowd. Jericho with a choke on Steamboat. Steamboat works his way up and breaks free. Jericho throws Steamboat over the top but he skins the cat – old school! Jericho knocks Flair off the apron but turns around and Steamboat throws him over the top. Steamboat flies over the top rope and nails Jericho on the outside. “Steamboat” chant from the crowd. He rolls Jericho back into the ring and climbs to the top rope. Down with the fist and Steamboat is still the MAN! This is awesome! Steamboat with a quick roll-up of Jericho. Jericho gets control back throwing some chops. He hits a knee lift and a running bulldog. Jericho misses the lionsault. Steamboat with a powerslam and near pinfall. Flair is shown going bonkers on the outside. Steamboat misses a punch and Jericho applies the “Walls of Jericho”. Steamboat turns it into an inside cradle and almost gets the pin. Crowd was hot for that false finish. Code-breaker from Jericho out of nowhere and Jericho gets the victory, eliminating Steamboat.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After The Match:

Flair is shown pissed on the outside. Jericho is taunting him. Flair takes his coat off and runs into the ring. Jericho punching away. Flair turns him around and chops away as the crowd goes nuts. Flair dances around and chops Jericho some more. Flair throws Jericho to the corner, is reversed, and Jericho hits a back body-drop on Flair. Jericho with a code-breaker on Flair. Everyone chanting “Mickey Rourke” now as Jericho stomps Flair and kicks him out of the ring. Jericho asks for a mic and says he is the best in the world at what he does. He said he did what he said he was going to do by eliminating the legends forever. He says he has one more piece of business to the man who started all of this. He calls out Mickey Rourke for challenging him and backing down. He says he plays a tough guy in movies but Jericho is a tough guy in real life. Jericho demands he come into the ring and apologize right now. Rourke shakes his head no. Jericho asks if he’s a liar. He says he’ll jump the rail and slap his face. Jericho calls him a coward. Rourke stands up. He takes his watch off and fist-bumps his budy. He makes his way to the ring. Rourke stops and takes his jacket off. He takes his time but finally climbs into the ring. He takes his hat off as he stops outside the ropes on the apron. He turns to the crowd and gets in the ring finally. He’s bouncing around like he’s going to fight him. Jericho is just looking at him and smiling. They slowly make their way to the middle of the ring. They circle each other as Rourke throws a jab at Jericho, who backs up and looks surprised. Crowd pops big. Jericho has his hands up now like he’s going to box him. Rourke is coming in with punches but Jericho avoids them. Jericho walks into a left hook and Rourke knocks him down. Flair comes in and raises Rourke’s hand. So Steamboat, Piper, Snuka and Flair couldn’t stop Jericho – but one punch from Mickey Rourke does the trick. Rourke and Flair celebrate in the ring.

-We go to the announce table and Lawler, Cole and Ross are building up the brother vs. brother match.

-A video package of the Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy feud airs.

Extreme Rules:
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy

Matt is out first. Jeff of course would then be next. Intense staredown early. Jeff slaps Matt and tackles him down. Matt rolls to the floor but Jeff follows him out. Jeff grabs some kind of framed poster and breaks it over Matt’s head. Jeff grabs a trash can but Matt knocks it out of his hands. Jeff runs, hops off the ringside steps and drives his leg into Matt against the barricade. Jeff grabs a chair as Matt rolls back into the ring. Jeff back in the ring with the chair set up. He runs and hops off it but misses and crashes into the corner. Jeff with a whisper in the wind off the top rope but misses. Matt hits him with a chair and gets a 2-count. Matt choking Jeff against the ropes. Matt out to the floor and he grabs a vaccuum cleaner and nails Jeff with it. He tries for the pin but again only gets two. Matt punching away at Jeff on the ground. Matt with a side-effect onto a chair but only gets two. Matt on the outside uses the ring-post as a back-breaker to Jeff on the inside. Matt grabs a table from under the ring which gets a big pop. He sets it up on the floor. Matt going for a suplex off the ropes but Jeff blocks it. Jeff dives off the apron and clotheslines Matt on the floor. Jeff with a kindo stick and a crutch. He’s beating Matt with both. He goes back to the floor to grab a trash can. He throws it in the ring. He puts it over Matt’s head, picks up the crutch and nails Matt in the trash-can. Still wearing the trash-can, Jeff drop-kicks it. He goes for the pin but only gets two. Jeff takes his shirt off and climbs to the top rope. He misses the swanton bomb. Matt hits the twist of fate, tries the pin but only gets two. Matt calls for the swanton as he goes to the rope but Jeff stops him and superplexes him off the top. Jeff slams Matt in the face with a chair shot and knocks him out of the ring. Jeff follows him to the floor and lays him across the table set up from earlier. He lays a chair on top of his body and goes under the ring looking for something else. He comes out with another table. He sets the table over-TOP of the other table, which Matt is laying on. So Matt is sandwhiched between two stacked tables. Jeff climbs to the top rope and big splashes his way through all tables and his brother. “Holy shit” chant from the crowd. A bunch of replays of the spot are shown. Jeff is up pretty quick and rolls a lifeless Matt into the ring. Jeff goes for the pin but Matt gets his foot on the ropes to break the count. Jeff rolls back to the floor and throws a chair into the ring. He grabs two big ladders from under the ring and rolls them into the ring. He sets a chair up does a leg-drop spot off it. He stands up one of the ladders and sets it up. He sets up the other ladder beside it. One ladder is bigger than the other. Jeff climbs the smaller ladder, leap-frogs the top of the taller ladder and misses a leg-drop. A bunch of replays of this are shown. Matt puts Jeff’s head through a chair and nails the twist of fate to get the pinfall victory.

Winner: Matt Hardy

-We go backstage and see Orton lacing his boots and taking his shirt off. Legacy is in the background and Orton is shown with a glare in his eyes.

Intercontinental Title:
-JBL (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

JBL’s music hits and we’re underway. He comes out with a mic. He calls this the greatest day in his life. He says he is returning to Texas as champion at a time when Texas has no champions. He’s saying a bunch of stuff to make sure he’s a heel. Mysterio’s music hits and out he comes with a goofy mask and some kind of wig on it. I guess he’s the Batman villian “The Joker”. Looks crazy. We get intros from Lilian when they’re in the ring and the ref holding up the belt and calling them to the center of the ring. JBL interupts that and lands a big boot on Mysterio. JR says the match hasn’t started and the ref pulls JBL off. JBL yelling at the ref to ring the bell. Mysterio works his way up and they ring the bell. Mysterio knocks JBL down quick and lands the 6-1-9. Mysterio to the top rope and nails a big splash for the pinfall. Lawler says it was a 21-second victory for Mysterio.

Winner and NEW Intercontinental champion: Rey Mysterio

After The Match:

Mysterio’s music stops and JBL is sitting in the ring with his face in his hands. He stands up and grabs a mic. He said he’s got something to say. “Booooo” from the crowd. He’s stalling big time. Still no response, he’s just looking around at the crowd. He finally shouts “I QUIT!”. He drops the mic and looks around before walking off.

-Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels is up next, as their video package airs.

Undefeated Streak On The Line:
-Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels

HBK is ascending from some thing down to the floor. He’s wearing the same all-white outfit shown in the video packages all the time from SmackDown. Some Undertaker-like music is playing. Fireworks blast and the smoke covers HBK, his real music hits, the smoke clears, and he’s in his usual ring attire. That was a PRIDE intro into a Criss Angel stunt. He kneels down and the fireworks shoot up like crazy. HBK stops and stares coldly at the entrance as his music stops and Undertaker’s music hits. Undertaker rises from the floor as some cool graphics are behind him – lightning, clouds, etc. He starts his walk to the ring and enters. Lot of quick punch-exchanges early. HBK takes control of the match, pummeling ‘Taker. He has him in a choke. After a while, Taker finally breaks free. He slaps on a triangle-submission and the crowd goes crazy. After a lot of struggling, HBK gets his foot on the ropes and the hold is broken. HBK knocks Taker to the outside. He climbs to the top rope and does a moonsault, but Undertaker moves and HBK crashes to the floor very hard. Lots of replays of this are shown. Undertaker rolls back into the ring and is just laying flat on his back as the ref attends to HBK. Taker sits up as HBK finally starts to get up on the outside. Undertaker goes to dive over the top but HBK moves and Taker drops right on his head. It looks like Taker went down right on his face. Whatever it was it looked bad. All are laid out now as replays of Taler’s spot is shown. Man these two are crazy, both of those spots looked dangerous as hell. HBK rolls into the ring. He rolls back out and is arguing with the ref. He rolls into the ring and pulls the ref in with him. He tells him to count out the Undertaker. HBK shown watching the ref count hoping ‘Taker doesn’t get up so he can end his streak. Taker tries to get up but falls back down. Count is at 8 as ‘Taker falls again. Ref hits 9 and ‘Taker just rolls into the ring in time. HBK looks pissed. He stands in the corner calling for sweet chin music. He misses and ‘Taker gets the chokeslam. 1..2..HBK gets his shoulder up. Crowd definitely thought that was it. HBK goes for sweet chin music again, Taker blocks it. HBK tries a third time and nails it. He takes a while to get the pin attempt and Taker kicks out at two. HBK jumps up and the crowd boo’s. He walks over to a laid out Taker and Taker grabs him by the throat. He goes for the last ride on Taker but HBK drops down for a roll-up attempt. Taker picks him up, kicks him and nails the last ride. He gets only a two on a pin attempt though and the crowd ate that one too. Taker is going to the top rope and misses a big elbow. Both men slowly get to their feet and HBK charges at Taker. Taker tosses him over the top but HBK skins the cat. Taker catches him on the way in though in the tombstone position and nails it. 1…2…kickout! Close-up of Undertaker looking shocked. Taker gets up and pulls his straps down. He does the thumb across the throat sign. He picks a lifeless HBK up but HBK counters into a tornado-DDT. Both men are down. HBK is crawling his way to the top rope as JR puts him over as “Mr. WrestleMania” some more. He drops the big elbow. He uses the ropes to pull himself up and he waits in the corner for sweet chin music. He’s tuning up the band, stomping the foot. Taker is using the ropes to slowly climb up and HBK nails him with sweet chin music. He moves in for the cover, 1…2…and Taker kicks out. This really is a great match. “This is awesome” chant from the crowd. They work their way back to their feet. Chop from HBK answered by a punch from Taker. And again. The two continue a dramatic punch-off. Big boot from Taker knocks HBK down. He whips HBK into the corner and runs into a big boot which knocks him down. Both men are down again. HBK tries another moonsault but Taker catches him and tombstones him for the 3-count and the victory to keep his streak alive at 17-0.

Winner: Undertaker

World Title:
-Edge (c) vs. Big Show vs. John Cena

We see Chavo Guerrero pushing Vickie Guerrero in a wheel chair to ringside. Edge is out first as champion. Big Show is out next. Cena’s old “world life” theme song hits and out comes a ton of fn people dressed up in Cena t-shirts and hats with their heads down. The form a giant line covering the entire ramp, which is a long one. His old theme stops, fireworks hit and his new theme plays. The line seperates and everyone on both sides is doing the “you can’t see me” wave. The real Cena appears in the same shirt/hat. He runs through all the imposter Cena’s and charges the ring. Lilian introduces all three. Big Show first. Cena next and he gets boo’d pretty heavily. And finally the World champion Edge. And the triple threat match begins. Lot of double teaming on Cena early. Big Show gets his arms tied into the ropes. Edge goes to spear Cena but nails Vickie Guerrero, who was on the apron. Both men are down with Big Show yelling to be pulled out of the ropes. He finally gets loose. Cena and Edge are up and Big Show double-clotheslines them. He chops Cena in one corner and splashes Edge in another. He chops Edge and throws him into Cena. He goes to chokeslam both Edge and Cena but Cena breaks loose. Edge took the chokeslam though. Cena hoists Big Show up but Big Show gets down. Big Show lands his knockout punch on Cena and knocks him out of the ring. He goes out to the outside and grabs Edge and slams him on the floor. We see two guys carrying Vickie Guerrero. Edge pulls the ringside steps to the middle of the floor. He steps back some and runs, jump off them and splashes onto Big Show, both of them crashing through a security barricade, which breaks and crashes to the concrete floor of the first row. Edge goes to spear Cena in the ring but Cena trips him down and throws on the STFU. Edge almost gets to the ropes but Cena drags him back to the center of the ring. From the outside of the ring, Big Show grabs Cena by the throat which breaks the hold. He throws Cena to the floor and enters the ring. He goes for the Vader-splash but misses. Cena is working his way back into the ring now. Cena attempts a suplex on Big Show but can’t. Edge helps him and they double-suplex him to the surprise of the announce team. Cena looks at Edge awkwardly as Edge looks back. They both look at Big Show and back again at each other. Big Show gets up and the two double-clothesline him over the top. Edge quickly turns on Cena and knocks him down. He tries to pin him but only gets a two. Cena with a runnig blockbuster on Edge. Cena going to the top rope but from the outside, Big Show pushes him off and in mid-air, Edge jumps up and nails a spear. Edge pulls Cena to the middle of the ring and pins him but Big Show breaks up the count from the outside. All three are back in the ring finally with Cena laid out and Big Show pounding on Edge. Edge is on Big Show’s back with a sleeper. Cena grabs Big Show with Edge on his back and picks them both up. Edge hops down but Big Show takes the FU. Cena FU’s Edge and pins him for the three-count to win the World title.

Winner and NEW World champion: John Cena

-A video package shows that next year WrestleMania 26 will be in Phoenix, Arizona on March 28, 2010.

WWE Hall Of Fame & Steve Austin 4-Wheeler, Beer, etc.

The WWE Hall Of Fame 2009 class is introduced to the audience. Each are introduced, one-by-one. Austin walks off after they say his name as the HOF music stops. The glass breaks and out comes Austin on a four-wheeler, blazing down the ramp and around the ring. He goes half way up the ramp and stops. He goes in reverse blazing back down the ramp. He hops off and into the ring, out of his tuxedo and now wearing an Austin 3:16 shirt. He climbs to the top rope and calls for beers. He has his beer bash to the crowd’s delight. Austin comes out and gives Jim Ross a beer. He takes JR’s hat off and puts it on. He chugs a beer and JR drinks as Austin puts his hat back on and goes and throws the whole cooler of beer into the ring and climbs back in. He continues to drink beer and play to the crowd.

-A video package for the upcoming WWE Backlash pay-per view airs.

-Lilian Garcia announces that tonight’s sell out audience is 72,744.

WWE Title:
-Triple H (c) vs. Randy Orton

We go backstage and see HHH with the title walking to the ring. Up to him walks both Vince and Shane McMahon. He stops and shakes his head and continues walking to the ring. Lilian Garcia introduces this match. Orton’s music hits and out comes Randy Orton. HHH’s music hits and we see a close-up shot of him with his head down holding a sledgehammer. He stops and slams the sledgehammer, breaking some see-through glass. That was cool. He leaves the sledgehammer laying and walks to the ring. Lilian Garcia introduces Orton and HHH and our match is underway. HHH tackles Orton down and punches away. Back up and HHH knocks Orton down. He beats him into a corner and beats him down. He’s stomping away at him in the corner. While the ref argues with HHH, Orton out of nowhere nails HHH with an RKO. Orton goes to punt HHH but HHH moves and nails Orton with the pedigree. Out on the floor, Orton slams HHH into the announce table. He rolls back in the ring. HHH rolls back in and tackles Orton down and punches away. Orton rolls to the outside to get away. HHH follows him out and Orton kicks him in the stomach. HHH grabs Orton and slams his head into the ring-post. Orton rolls back in the ring. HHH comes in and Orton yells on his knees for HHH to wait. HHH doesn’t and attacks Orton, dropping knees on his head. HHH with a neck-breaker. On the outside, Orton throws HHH into the ring steps. Back in the ring and Orton is putting the boots to HHH. Orton drops a big knee onto HHH’s head. He goes for the pin and HHH kicks out. HHH with his running high knee to Orton’s face. HHH goes for the pedigree but Orton pulls HHH’s legs out from under him and slingshots him into the corner. Orton runs into the ropes and into a clothesline from HHH. HHH goes for the pinfall but only gets 2. HHH with a big spinebuster and he does his pose for the crowd. He waits for Orton to get up and kicks him in the stomach. He goes for the pedigree, Orton counters and tries an RKO but HHH counters that and catches him with a backbreaker. HHH goes to the top rope but as he comes down Orton hits him with a dropkick. Both men are down as the replay shows. Orton is up and looks at the crowd and with just a look the entire crowd boo’s. He backs into a corner and is waiting for HHH to get up, he goes for the punt but HHH catches his leg. He stands up, still holding Orton’s leg and flips him over the top rope and to the floor. HHH slams Orton’s face into the announce table. HHH grabs a monitor but the ref warns him he’ll lose the title if disqualified. HHH raises it over his head and the crowd roars, he puts it down and kicks Orton in the face. HHH and Orton are both standing on the announce table. HHH tries a pedigree but Orton back-drops him onto the other announce table. It doesn’t break. Orton does the same DDT he did to Stephaine on RAW, only HHH was hanging off the announce table and his head crashes into the floor instead of the ring mat. Orton rolls back into the ring and the ref is counting HHH out. The ref gets to 9 and HHH rolls back in the ring. Orton looks shocked. He stomps away at HHH uncontrollably for quite a while. Orton punches HHH and we have a ref bump. Orton then throws HHH into the ref on purpose for a second ref bump and the ref is out. Orton nails an RKO and the ref and HHH are out as Orton rolls to the floor. He goes under the ring and pulls out a sledgehammer. He rolls into the ring and HHH with an Orton-like punt that KOs Orton and leaves the sledgehammer laying next to him. HHH grabs the sledgehammer and nails Orton in the face with it. The ref is still down so he didn’t see it. HHH gets rid of the sledgehammer and is punching Orton. The ref is back up and trying to stop HHH from punching Orton in berzerker mode. Finally he stands up and picks up an unconscious Orton and hits him with a pedigree. He pins him and gets the three count to retain the title.

Winner and STILL WWE champion: Triple H

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