Star Trek

Was pretty damn good. I didn’t know what to expect really. I can only recall going to see two other Star Trek movies in the theater prior to this and those were Star Trek: Generations and Star Trek: First Contact. I’ve pretty much seen the rest of the series, if not completely at least in segments at various times. But for me, Star Trek was always the more serious “Star” movie. Star Wars was the epic on a grander scale, with more at stake. Star Wars still is, but at least now we have Star Trek back! And in its full glory.

About a week ago I wrote in the Weekend Grosses and how I feel like I’ve become a snob when it comes to movies. Like with (I’ll repeat) Wolverine, the second I heard that it was an unknown director, I did not have interest in seeing it. I feel that if there is a director that I know can handle the task that is given to them, then I am completely fine with what they are going to do.

J.J. Abrams did just that, not with Alias, or Lost or even Fringe (which I do watch) but with Mission: Impossible III. That was the best of all of the M:I movies and gave me hope that they found someone who could handle the difficult task.

I won’t go into spoilers, so don’t worry about it. But the story and the characters were handled in such a way as to not negate what happened in the previous 40 years of the existence of Star Trek and the universe that had been tirelessly created. And I appluad them for that. I’ve been definately trying not to ruin movies in recent years by not reading the “breaking news” or “spoiler alerts” that tend to haunt the movie rumor sites.

I’ve lost track of which star or thumb system I’ve used last, its been a while since I’ve actually considered sitting down and writing a review (and I hate to say it, but this is a pretty lame review) but if we’re going the way of Netflix, with “FIVE STARS” being the best, I give Star Trek (2009) 4 and a half stars out of five.

They impressed me and I would highly recommend it.


PS for anyone interested and who haven’t seen the trailer, check it out:

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