Old Pics: Scanned

I was cleaning up my office and I found an envelope of old pics, after going through them I realized that some of them are not digital and could do with a nice scanning (in order to attempt to keep it forever).

Here are the two pics:

Graduation 2004 (when I graduate from FDU with my Bachelor’s in Electronic Filmmaking) Melissa and I posing, I never really liked the look on my face, I just think my Father caught me right at either the beginning or the end of a smile:


LBI 2001, this one is old for Melissa and I, this was when we were “young”. I think I was still nineteen and she was eighteen. Those were the days:


This pic looks graining, and definately shows its age over the years, and you can even see that its clearly seen better days, the side looks like it was ripped or something (in order to fit into a frame or collage), but I’ll cheerish it forever.


PS I’ll try and scan more pics.

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