Eminem in on Bruno prank

I heard the rumor, but imdb.com had the scoop:

Eminem And Baron Cohen Rehearsed Awards Show Stunt

2 June 2009 12:10 PM, PDT

Audience members and TV viewers were left stunned when Baron Cohen, in character as gay fashionista Bruno and dressed as a giant dove, fell from the roof of the Universal Ampitheater onto Eminem’s lap.

The Slim Shady star was heard angrily protesting before storming out of the show, accompanied by his entourage.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Eminem scripted and rehearsed the outrageous stunt at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards that left the rapper’s face buried in the funnyman’s crotch.

The incident provoked furious debate about whether the incident was staged or planned behind Eminem’s back.

On Monday, Paris Hilton insisted Eminem knew nothing about it and his response was real – but now MTV’s head writer has come forward to confess the star was in on it all along.

Scott Aukerman writes on his blog, “Yes, the Eminem-Bruno incident was staged. They rehearsed it at dress (rehearsal) and yes, it went as far as it did on the live show.”

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