New Scream Trilogy?

There has been talk for quite some time over another Scream movie, either a sequel to the original but with a new cast or a new story (but familiar) with a similar concept.  I checked the blog, I remembered posting sometime a while ago, the article dates back to October of 2005 (Wes Craven/Scream 4) and its bounced around a lot. I think the reason why they were talking about it back then was because it was getting close to the 10 year anniversary (the first one came out in 1996). But now, with all of the big horror franchises doing big business with remakes, it comes to no surprise that they would want to dust this one off and put it back in the theater.


It would also be lucrative to give the old stars of the movies some time in the new ones, I personally don’t have a problem if they bring them in and use them as their old characters at all. Just don’t kill them off, that would be wrong.

I am surprised that Kevin Williamson is working on this however. But then again, what has he been doing?


The Arquettes in Talks for New Scream Trilogy?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

June 3, 2009

Entertainment Weekly has learned that Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette are in talks to star in a new “Scream” trilogy.

The magazine says that writer/director Kevin Williamson has been working on more films that will bring back many of the characters from the original movies. It is expected to start production this fall.

Williamson has approached Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette to return. No word on whether Neve Campbell’s character, among others, will make the cut.

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