Dreamer wins ECW Championship

Didn’t get a chance to see this, but I’ve been looking forward to this happening for quite some time. While I am happy that Christian was ECW champion, I always felt that Tommy Dreamer should win the belt, seeing that he was an original ECW member (the only one left!). Good for him.

From WWE.com:

Dream come true

By: Andrew Rote
June 7, 2009
NEW ORLEANS – After pinning Jack Swagger in a Triple Threat Hardcore ECW Championship Match that also included titleholder Christian, Tommy Dreamer
became the reigning ECW Champion. How fitting it was for the ECW Original to accomplish this feat on the one night a year that WWE goes Extreme.

For some people, it’s throwing a Super Bowl-winning touchdown pass on fourth down. For others, it’s sinking a game-winning three-pointer in the seventh game of the NBA finals. For Dreamer, the ultimate dream was acquiring the ECW Title, which he did, appropriately, as time ran out.

At the start of 2009, Dreamer realized the expiration of his contract with the extreme franchise was near. He had until June to win the coveted prize or, by his own orders, he would walk away from the place he loves and has put so much heart – as well as gallons of blood and sweat – into. Disregarding the ECW Original’s effort, former champion Swagger spoiled both of his opportunities at the title, including one-on-one battles against Christian on “WWE Superstars” and ECW on Sci Fi. As a result, interim General Manager Tiffany extended the Hardcore Legend’s contract by one day to allow him a truly fair chance at achieving his goal.

While admitting that Dreamer brought the pressure on himself, Christian has shown nothing but respect for the ECW Original and his fight to prove his worth. “The All-American American,” on the other hand, has been unable to overcome his own frustrations since relinquishing the ECW Title to Christian two months earlier at Backlash.

Since ECW’s inception in 1994, Dreamer has looked forward to the moment that he would earn the reward that goes along with being ECW’s top competitor. He had only accomplished it once before, and it was taken from him that same night back in 2000. Tonight, however, Dreamer goes to bed as ECW Champion. And nobody can take that away.

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