Cassie Owes Me Twenty Bucks!

I walked into the house and I was met by Cassie running to meet me, she stampeded into the door as I was opening it and the first thing that came through my mind was, “she has to go to the bathroom” and I walked in a little further to drop off the things in my hands and to grab the leash and I noticed that she was lying on the ground and being very submissive and I look into the living room and I see what I think is a piece of paper. I walk a little forward and I notice this:


Now, I know not all of you will recognize this, but this is what used to the be the sleeve for a Netflix DVD. Netflix ship there DVDs in an envelope that can be reused to resend it back to them, but the DVD itself is inside of a little white sleeve that looks more like this:


here is the front, where the bar code, title, description, rating, length and all that info is kept


here is the back, where it shows that it is a Blu Ray DVD

and this…


…does not resemble that anymore. Then I paused, I was wondering what could have happened to the DVD, I couldn’t even read what DVD it was because that had been chewed up (I mean, if I really wanted to know right away I could have looked to see some description towards the bottom of the front) but I just couldn’t conceive that Cassie would have chewed on the actual DVD.

A few steps forward and I found this:


The DVD was chewed up, mangled, Cassie at this point was on the ground as far away from me as possible, staring at me.  I wasn’t too angry with her, the DVD was Ghosts of Girfriends Past, wasn’t even for me, but I just checked on Netflix and she just cost us 20 bucks to replace that stupid DVD. And its a Blu Ray DVD, so its not like a cheap one you can just go out and get a replacement for, these cost somewhere between 20-30 dollars.

Thanks Cassie.

–Cos AKA Dad

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