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(Started writing this Friday afternoon)


With Sunday’s WWE Pay Per View Hell in a Cell (which has taken over for the No Mercy PPV) looming its presence in the not too distant future and the tickets for the nose bleed section burning a hole in my drawer, I figured I’d jot down my predictions for the show. I’ll try and make a comment or something on each match and give my two cents. So, here goes!

World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match:

-CM Punk (c) vs The Undertaker


I know its a Hell in a Cell match, and it is a match that was tailored for The Undertaker, but first, I feel that it is too soon after his return to give him the Championship and two I think there is more money on keeping it on Punk. I can see there being some sort of a screw job finish, either from a new ally of Punks (Festus has been rumored to be his bodyguard, but “off the meds”) or, maybe even Kane comes to fued with Undertaker? I just don’t see Punk loosing cleanly to Taker. I don’t think it would be a smart thing.

Winner and Still Champion: CM Punk


WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match:

-John Cena (c) vs Randy Orton


 I think both of these guys are a little over exposed and I honestly think we need to see less of Orton, I’m tired of his whole gimmick at the moment, it was great at first but with his fueds going way too long its gotten really old really fast. The same with John Cena, why haven’t they elevated anyone yet to main event, I mean when MVP jumped from Smackdown to Raw he was red hot, now he’s stuck in the mid-card. Mark Henry and Jack Swagger should be getting a push, imagine if they had John Cena in a Hell in a Cell match with three or four guys instead of just Orton, I think it would have been a much stronger match. But, seeing that they just gave Cena the championship…

Winner and Still Champion: John Cena


Tag Team Hell in a Cell Match:

-DX vs Legacy


 As much as I get why they put this match in a Hell in a Cell I kind of wish that they had put the Unified Tag Team match in the HIAC instead of this fued, especially seeing that I just heard rumors that this DX vs Legacy fued is going to extend all the way to Survior Series (IN NOVEMBER!) Hell in a Cell is supposed to the culmination of a fued not the continuation of one. But I honestly can’t see Legacy winning this one if the fued is going to continue.

Winners: DX


 Unified Tag Team Championship Match:

-Chris Jericho and Big Show (c’s) vs Batista and Rey Mysterio

 If I hadn’t listened to the Podcast “The Don Tony and Kevin Castle Show“  (which by the way is a great show, usually runs somewhere between two hours – two and a half hours and is recorded sometime late Monday night right after Raw goes off the air, it was even the winner of the 2008 wrestling radio show of the year) where Anthony (Don Tony) said that one of the reasons that the WWE may have put together the Tag Team Championships and allowed the holders to bounce between shows is to add more established stars to more rosters. Whereas Chris Jericho is on the Smackdown rosters, with both championships he may show up on Raw and Smackdown in a single week. With that said, it only makes sense to keep the championships on either Jericho and Big Show or to give them to Batista and Rey Mysterio and unfortunately not a Tag Team like Carlito and Primo (who were the first Unified Tag Team Champions, but are no longer a Tag Team) or Cryme Tyme who are still an established Tag Team, but they may not put as many butts in seats as the name recogintion of Jericho and Show. I can see there being a change here, if only to give it back to Jericho and Show at a later date.

Winners and New Unified Tag Team Champions: Batista and Rey Mysterio


United States Championship Triple Threat Match:

-Kofi Kingston (c) vs The Miz vs Jack Swagger


 Usually I wouldn’t be too excited about a mid-card match, but this one may be a great match, now I don’t think any of the two challengers in this match are set up just right to get the United States Championship, but I can see this one leading to an even better rematch at the next Pay Per View Bragging Rights a little later this month. I like how they are giving Swagger some time on PPV, but I just wish they had elevated him to a main event fued. I feel after Miz’s fued with Cena, his “firing” this past summer and return a week later, and then his ring gear change, he’s gotten a little stale and boring. But I can see a United States Championship reign in his future. I just don’t think there was enough build up to give it to either of the challegers.

Winner and Still Champion: Kofi Kingston


 Intercontinental Championship Match:

-John Morrison (c) vs Dolph Ziggler


 The match that was taken from us at Breaking Point only three weeks ago, but I can see this one stealing the show. This is a tough call, do you take the Championship away from Morrison and give it to the equally talented Ziggler…perhaps with a screw job ending…I say Maria somehow “accidentally” costs Morrison the match giving it to her man…

Winner and New Champion: Dolph Ziggler


 Divas Championship Match:

-Mickie James (c) vs Alicia Fox


As much as I like Mickie James, there really isn’t a reason for this match aside from being the break between two Hell in a Cell matches. I don’t think Alicia Fox is a good enough to take the Diva’s Championship and I think it would be best to have a fued with Beth Pheonix or Gale Kim, possibly a three way for it would have been a much better match. Anyway, I am disappointed that this match was given instead of an ECW championship match between Christian and William Regal. But I can see with all the testostron being thrown around at an event called Hell in a Cell, we would need at least some women to lighten up the sausage party.

Winner and Still champion: Mickie James

I’ll try and send Twitter updates as each match comes to an end. I hope it’ll be a great show.


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