Wrestlemania 26 results and thoughts

Undertaker may be 18 – 0 at Wrestlemania, but last night just wasn’t my night with my predictions…not counting the Diva’s tag match, I was 4-5. Blah! Overall, great show, I felt some of the endings were odd, as if they were all of a sudden and for no reason, but I enjoyed the show.

Wrestlemania 26 Results and Thoughts:

Great match, surprised but happy that it closed out the show, it deserved to go last. Now, thinking about it, Rock Hogan I should have probably closed out Wrestlemania X-8…anyway, I thought the match was great. The person that needed to win did and hopefully we’ll see Shawn sooner rather than later in the squared circle.
Winner: Undertaker
Let’s just say this one bored us watching it. I feel as if it were the end that the angle needed it to be. It was a lackluster angle that should have been something much stronger and it wasn’t. Thankfully, we probably never need to see any of the Montreal Screwjob ever again.
Winner: Bret Hart
Cena wins again. I thought the ending was weak in this match. I thought Batista should have been a freaking animal in this match, but he wasn’t…hopefully we’ll see something between the two of them next month.
Winner and New Champion: John Cena
Good match, felt it was toned down just a little. I bet this gets stretched until next month…or even beyond that. I think it has legs for it.
Winner and still Champion: Chris Jericho
And that ends where I actually had the right predictions, here are the rest…
Jack Swagger was a shocker to us all and now I’m glad that he didn’t win the WWE Championship back in December when it was report that he was supposed to have gotten the push and not Sheamus. I hope they don’t crap on him. I’ve actually been very high on Swagger and hope that he does really well.
Winner: Jack Swagger
Shortest freaking match of the night. They could have shaved some time off of the Vince/Bret match or the Diva’s match.
Winners and Still Champions: Big Show and Miz
Sheamus’ best match to date…but that’s not saying much. I don’t think Triple H needed to win this one, but I bet it continues next month.
Winner: Triple H
Didn’t mind Orton winning, especially with the return of the pose at the end, but like many of us were saying last night, it was a waste of two future stars. I hope the feud continues to see a good match and win with DiBiase and/or Rhodes.
Winner: Randy Orton
I expected this to be a lot better, but for what it was it wasn’t bad. I see it being the beginning to a longer feud.
Winner: Rey Mysterio
I didn’t know what the true stipulations of this match were when I predicted the other day, I simply put Maryse and seeing that Maryse was on Vickie’s team, I guess I was right, but I wouldn’t feel right saying I had 5-5 in my predictions.
Winner: Vickie Guerrero’s team
This happens every year, whoever isn’t in a match on the main card usually is in a Battle Royal before. This year I think it was just to say you had a match at Wrestlemania. We were surprised that Yoshi Tatsu was the winner. But that’s cool. I miss WWE ECW sometimes.
Winner: Yoshi Tatsu

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