Pixels take over New York

This looks really awesome! Enjoy!

from yahoo.com:

Classic game characters invade New York, thrill internet

by Ben Silverman

April 08 12:46 P.M.

The great thing about video games is that they’re stuck on your screen. I don’t mean that callously, I mean that out of safety. You want horror? Imagine if the giant centipede from Centipede could stroll out of the game and into your living room. They don’t make Raid cans big enough to deal with that kind of freak-out.

But luckily, they do make awesome online videos that give us an idea of the kind of insanity that would ensue should game characters burst out of a TV and roam about New York. It’s called ‘Pixels,’ it’s created by French director Patrick Jean, and it’s sweeping across the web like wildfire:

Highlights include Donkey Kong lobbing barrels from atop the Empire State building, Space Invaders descending upon unsuspecting taxis, Tetris blocks raining down on Manhattan, Pac-Man chomping up a subway and — my personal favorite — Frogger simply hopping across the street. And this time, he makes it!

Jean directed the astounding piece for Paris-based visual effects company One More Production, whose other work includes a variety of commercials and even a music video by Moby. Something tells us he’s going to get a lot more work soon.

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