Sirius has a Best of XM Free Preview!

When I first wanted Sirius it was originally to get a better alternative to the garbage that we’re given for free on terrestrial radio. With both Howard Stern and Opie & Anthony on Sirius/XM I really wanted to be able to listen to both of them. When it came down to 0rdering Sirius Opie & Anthony was on the Best of XM and that cost another $6.00 and didn’t even think I’d have the time to listen to everything. So, ultimately, when I ordered the package for my Sirius Satellite Radio, I choose to go with Howard and if you read the article, I wrote “Sorry guys, but for now I’m going with Howard again…”

Opie and Anthony

But for the week between April 1st –17th  Sirius has a Best of XM Free Preview and I’ve been really enjoying listen to O&A. Needless to say it has been very difficult figuring out who to listen too…

Linger Longer!


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