Margarita Flower Rants On: Traffic

By: Margarita Flower

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Last Friday I had an appointment at 1:15pm and was working till 12:30pm. My work commute without traffic is about 35mins. I figured that if I left work at 12:30pm I would make it. I get on the highway and the traffic flow is smooth till I get to one of the routes that connects me to the major highway I’m supposed to take in order to get home. That route is a two lane highway. That day it was down to 1 lane at 12:35pm. Traffic was already backing up. I had to get off at the nearest exit and go through town in order to make it to the other end of that route so that I could get on the freaking highway.

Mind you back roads can be good, but not on that day. I had EVERY utility truck in the state of Massachusetts in front of me, plus when I come to find out that they are doing MORE construction right where I have to get on the highway. I get on the highway, I’m flying like the wind and make it to my appointment just in the nick of time.

My rant is this: I see why we need the road constructions, we need to fix the roads… BUT really during that time of day and on a FRIDAY, give me a break. There’s no need for it especially on the day before a weekend. Or early in the mornings during rush hour time. Where I live, people don’t know how to drive never mind how to handle road construction, so they ALL STOP at on particular spot. I don’t know why and it makes me irate in the mornings and the afternoons when all I want to do is get home…

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