Cassie’s Dog Mom leaves for Alabama

By: Cos


We actually thought that we missed the chance to say goodbye to Cassie’s Dog Mom Kowliga and her owner (Cassie’s Grand pappy) because they were supposed to leave last weekend, but he surprised us by stopping by the house. Cassie will really miss her Dog Mom, she still always looks in the direction of the house, and they always had a good time the few times they interacted with each other.


If you don’t remember Cassie and Kowliga meeting here is a link to some videos and pics from their second meeting back in May of ’09: Cassie and Kowliga

Kowliga’s owner, Dave, came by and gave us his information, so we could keep in contact. Right as he was about to leave, Cassie broke free from me and ran over to him and jumped up and looked as if she was giving him a hug…cinematic is the word that popped into my mind. I’m sure we’ll meet again sometime soon…especially if Kowliga has another litter of puppies…

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