DEWmocracy 2010

By: Cos


I saw this a few weeks ago and I had wanted to post a blog entry but flat out forgot about it up until now. If you know me you know that I love Mountain Dew. Original or Code Red or whatever current flavor is out that is good. Well, currently, we are in the season for the second DEWmocracy and it seems like its about to run out in a few days.

dewmocracy2010.jpg image by rgnrk
Above are the images of the three choices for the 2010 DEWmocracy:  Typhoon (which is described as: a tropical punch flavor described by drinkers as pineapple-strawberry), Distortion (which is described as: a lime flavor) and White Out (which is described as a citrus flavor described as lemon-lime with grapefruit). I personally really like Distortion, I love lime. I think its very tasty. I prefer it to lemon. If I had a choice between Lemonade and Limenade, I’d be all over Limenade. But according to the website, Distortion is in last place with White Out coming in first.
But let’s be serious, there is already a green Mountain Dew  and a red Mountain Dew. It would only make sense for them to pick the white one, it would be too confusing to consumers if they went with either of the other two. So, needless to say, whichever one wins, I’ll enjoy them whenever I see them and I’ll keep a look out to see which one wins. We can always hope for an upset and have Distortion win.

3 thoughts on “DEWmocracy 2010

  1. Mike says:

    I just love the fact that blue raspberry isn’t actually a fruit that exists in nature.

    That was such a good flavor, though. I find it hard to believe that Coca-Cola can’t afford to sell more than a couple of Mountain Dew flavors at a time.

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