The Last Tour to Endor


Today, I finished watching this Travel Channel documentary on the entire Orlando Walt Disney World amusement park (From Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom) it was awesome. And I remembered after watching it that the last time I looked up an amusement park it was Universal Studios and I found out that they closed a lot of the rides that I loved; like the Back to the Future ride and to a lesser extent the King Kong ride.

So, I went on and checked out the current and past rides (if you didn’t know, my favorite Disney amusement ride is the Disney/MGM Studios, WHICH IS NOW CALLED Disney Studios! Man! How long have I been out of it?) and Star Tours is being closed down this summer!

After having a small panic attack, I continued to read more and I realized that they were simply shutting it down to refurbish the ride and reopen it as Star Tours II. To add to all of this, I just went on and the Star Wars twitter page posted the following link with this information:

Set Your Destination for Star Tours

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July 7, 2010

The classic Star Tours ride will soon be taking its last voyage, as an all new Star Tours experience is in the works, promising new worlds, multiple scenarios, and stunning 3-D visuals. There’s still a chance to visit the original Star Tours before its powers down for its first massive upgrade in decades.

In Anaheim, members of D23 — the official Disney Fan Club — will be offered a free and final ride on Disneyland’s Star Tours on July 14th. This was the original Star Tours ride that first launched in 1987. The adventure begins at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney, and members will recieve a commemorative boarding pass for this historic trip. See more details at the Official D23 site here.

But that’s not your last opportunity to fly along with Rex, Threepio and Artoo on a twisting trip to Endor — not by a long shot. For Star Wars fans already in the Orlando area for Celebration V, there’s a chance to take the Last Tour to Endor at the Walt Disney World Resort. This will be a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience with specially-themed intergalactic party zones, Star Wars shows, a Death Star Disco, and a must-see Star Wars-themed fireworks spectacular!

Find out more about the Last Tour to Endor and book your final passage on the Starspeeder today!

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