Cassie, Zoey and Joey


So, we let Cassie play with our foster puppies and they’ve been having a great time.

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Tomorrow is the day that we take Zoey and Joey to Petsmart for adoption day and I don’t know if we’ll ever see either of them again. Maybe both of them will be adopted or only one of them or maybe by the end of Saturday we’ll have both of them. I am truly hoping they go off to amazingly good homes and they live long healthy and happy lives because they are two of the best little puppies I have ever seen. They act better than some adult dogs that I know and they are so quiet and playful and well behaved.

Melissa and I are very sad at the potential and inevitable departure of these two little additions to the family, even if they were only here for a very short moment. I hope that we provided them with a little bit of happiness this past week and that if we ever do meet passing down a street or park or somewhere that they would stop and at least lick us.

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