Cassie and Mariyln Monroe


OK, so this one will be my last one for the night, I promise. After seeing the picture from the last post, I realized that I never posted this on the blog, that I only posted these pictures on my Twitter account. Just goes to show you, the blog might be quiet on some days but the twitter account might be going. You might just miss some things if you’re not checking both.

Anyway, I took the following pic of Cassie while we were outside on May 7th:

click to zoom

And for the life of me I thought she looked like Mariyln Monroe, so much so that I knew the picture that this looked like. I went right to google and typed in the name Mariyln Monroe and sure enough one of the first pics that pops up is the one I’m looking for. And here is the picture analysis:

click  to zoom

Pretty startling huh?


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