Optical Illusions from Yahoo


There was an entire page of this on yahoo today, this one peaked my interest. I just didn’t get how people thought it was going in the other direction.

From yahoo.com:

Rotating CatImage created by Pech Misfortune, via Mighty Optical Illusions

A variation on a classic illusion, this cat can be perceived as rotating in either direction. With practice, you can make it switch at will!



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3 thoughts on “Optical Illusions from Yahoo

  1. Mark says:

    I couldn’t do it at first either on Yahoo!
    I was able to do it on your site because I was looking at the calendar to the right and noticed it had switched directions.
    Try using your peripheral vision and then when you think it might be rotating the other way look directly at it again and notice that it is rotating the other way!

  2. Lamar says:

    i don’t know how, but it just switched directions on me. I used my phone to record to see if I could find where it switched, but when i recorded it it was going counterclockwise, and after it switched back on the computer screen, i watched the replay and it stayed clockwise the entire time. I got a headache looking at and thinking about it.

  3. Cos says:

    I followed what Mark said and looked away and I noticed that it changed and then it took me a while to get it back, but I finally did. It says you can change it yourself, just by the way you look at it. My first thought was that it just changed by itself, but I guess Lamar disproved that theory. And yes, it did give me a headache as well…

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