Bunny Suicides remind me of Peanut and Cassie


I’ve been a fan of the little comic strip, Bunny Suicides, for a while; not that I condone what these bunnies do to themselves, but I just like anything with a rabbit. We see so many things geared towards Dogs and Cats, the rabbits just don’t get the love. In a world split between Coke and Pepsi, you need that alternative drink that has nothing to do with the other two…

As I’ve been slowly doing over the last few weeks, I’ve been seriously cleaning out my e-mail and I came across this one under the folder labeled Bunny Suicides. I opened it up and scrolled through a whole bunch of the comic strips and I found this one, which reminded me of Peanut and Cassie:


Funny thing is that I sent these pics to myself on August 1st, 2008, the same day that Cassie was born. I wasn’t even thinking of our Golden Retriever the day these were sent. Crazy!

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