Possible New WWE logo?


I first saw this posted on wrestlezone.com, but they didn’t post a picture of it, they said the following:

Update on New WWE Logo

by Nick Paglino
Aug 12, 2010
The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter is reporting if WWE does decide to debut the rumored new company logo, it will most likely be at Raw’s 900th episode which is taking place on August 30th in Boston. The show is scheduled to feature talent from both Raw and Smackdown.
Upon hearing this, I remembered that I had heard this a few years ago (I want to say around Wrestlemania XX) which never transpired.
Anyway, things like this don’t come out of nowhere and I decided to do a little bit of research and I found possible screen captures of what the new WWE logo may look like:


I found the same screen cap on a handful of websites (including: http://www.wrestling-radio.com/feed_news-16353-Rumored%3A_New_WWE_Logo_Revealed%3F.php, http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news/2010/0806/530589/, http://www.wrestlingforum.com/general-wwe/514441-screenshots-rumored-new-wwe-logo.html) but there are still some people that think its a fake and I can understand why. It looks like crap.

It reminds me (along with a lot of other people that have seen this pic) of a unimaginative version of the old 80’s WWE (or F) logo:


Just without the F.

I will say some of the worst logos have been coming out recently, might I remind the WWE of the following posts to the blog: What’s in a new logo?, What’s in a new logo pt2? (which has the WWF logo above going into the WWF scratch logo to the current WWE scratch logo), and finally What’s in a logo pt 3: Seattle’s Best Coffee.

My personal favorite of the logos is the WWF/E scatch logo that came out during the attitude era of the late-90’s changed over the WWE in 2002 (when the “Got the ‘F’ out” thanks to the World Wildlife Fund and became World Wrestling Entertainment) .


Get The E Out

Does anyone remember the WWF Attitude opening signature? I do, and I always liked its simplicity:
Although I will say that I do like the one that was out recently:
The one currently is nice too, its a update to the one above:
Anyway, getting back to the logo, from what I can see on the website that have this is what it is going to look like when it is displayed:

But honestly, until I actually see it, I’m going to consider these fakes and I’m just over reacting to something that I don’t agree with at the moment. But, the one positive with a new logo will be that they can finally get rid of the John Cena spinner belt:




Might I recommend something closer to this belt:

File:WWF attitude Championship.jpg

Aside from the World Heavyweight Championship (The Big Gold Belt/NWA/WCW Championship) this one above was always favorite WWE belt.

I also think Peanut loves his World Heavyweight Championship, so please, WWE, don’t change that classic:

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