New WWE Tag Team Championship Belts


Saw this early Tuesday morning, when I watched Raw, and I didn’t quite know what the design was bullets…but I didn’t think Vince would do that:

So, I’m glad that they posted pics of what they were, it looks like they are going for a Roman Gladiator/Legionnaire theme for these belts. I don’t mind them. They’ll take a little bit to get used to, but its a nice warm welcome. I will say, one thing that I don’t like is that they don’t have a place for the names of the people who have them. Maybe that’ll be left to the Heavyweight Champions.

I did notice the WWE scratch logo at the top of the belt, so I guess the New Logo is out of the question, they wouldn’t spend all this money on these belts only to drop them and put the new logo on them. But, maybe this means that they are going to give all of the belts a new overhaul…Please change the WWE spinner belt!

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