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One thing I realized that I didn’t write about yesterday when I posted the blog yesterday about the New WWE Tag Team Championship Belts I forgot to mention that I was confused about its name. They are calling it simply the WWE Tag Team Championship. That would make sense, sure, its a WWE championship, why not call it solely the WWE Tag Team championship?

Well, maybe they should because the new belts are comprised of both the World Tag Team Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship, which were split from the WWE World Tag Team Championship when the WWE decided to split the brands. Just like the main WWE World  Heavyweight Championship that was split, they simply split the name, one for one brand (WWE Championship0, the other (World Heavyweight Championship) for another. And back and forth it went from brand to brand. I know that the WWE championship is the old WWWF/WWF/WWE World heavyweight Championship and that the World Heavyweight Championship is its own belt as of 2002 when it was given to Triple H, but even WWE can’t keep their own history right because on the World Heavyweight Championship dvd they made its history go into the NWA/WCW Championship. But whatever, we all knew it was that.

But I digress. Why simply call the Tag Championships WWE Tag Team Championship instead of combining names to what the two names would be if they were back together. Also, the original WWE World Tag Team Championship, which they are continuing its history and lineage with the new WWE Tag Team Championships are the one and same. They dropped the old WWE Tag Championships (dating back to 2002), so why not honor tradition with the proper name. I’m just saying.

2 thoughts on “More thoughts on The new WWE Tag Team belts

    1. Cos says:

      I don’t think the WWE has enough (well performing) Divas to actually have an entire Tag Team division with. TNA tried it a few years ago when they were having great Knockouts matches and had a roster strong enough to have a Women’s Tag Team Division, but right now even they are falling apart as we speak.

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