Triple H’s new role in WWE?


I’ve really been going through a writer’s block this week, so I’ve been happy that I’ve had other contributors posting the majority of these blog entries. This one is more thought producing, leave comments.

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Update on Triple H’s New Role with WWE & His Career

Posted by Marc Middleton on September 8, 2010 at 4:36 PM

– Triple H has been promoted to an Executive position within WWE and now working in the office. His official title is Senior Adviser and will be working directly under Vince McMahon on the creative side. A new office was being put together for Triple H in Stamford this past week.

There’s a lot of speculation right now about how this will effect his career in the ring. Triple H is 41 years old and has had many injuries, but there isn’t being anything said about this leading to his retirement.

…and I don’t know if its like the New WWE logo or how the WWE may unify all of their championships but this one really got me thinking.

Triple H has been one of my favorite wrestlers from the last eleven plus years, from his DX days (pick which ever one you want to go back to–I think there have been four different eras), to the McMahon/Helmsley era, his loner era, his Evolution era. For everything bad, he has consistently been entertaining. I know that his peak year was back in 2000 when the WWE was red hot with some of the most memorable (post-smash tv) storylines. The WWE could do no wrong and they were consistently the best thing on TV.

One thing that I would like to bring up is how often people turn on Triple H and pretty much crap on him. I know, he’s dominated our televisions for almost a decade, I know he married into the owner’s family, I know that instead of phasing out of the main event he’s been there non-stop for over a decade and that with his drive to beat Ric Flair’s 16-Time World Champion status, we should all know that he still has a couple more championships left; and on top of all that, the quality of matches has gone down. If he wasn’t severely injured (quads) and booked as dominate as he is in the ring, then I don’t think people would have an issue with him. But I do find it funny how I’ve heard rumblings before SummerSlam that if he wasn’t injured, he would have been back to face Sheamus for the WWE Championship and that people were actually excited to see him.

Are these the same people that shit on him? Who is your hero now? But if he is taking an office position, how would we feel? Honestly? I mean if we never saw Triple H again, would we really be happy? I don’t know if I would. I mean, we all know he’ll be back…eventually, he may even be back as soon as Night of Champions in a few weeks, but if he didn’t come back, did he ever really help propel anyone? Sure, he went out with Sheamus beating him back in April, but did that really help Sheamus? Has he been able to truly utilize the rub? Can we even call it a rub knowing that Triple H will somehow, most likely, get the win back…somehow? Even if he is reveled to be the Anonymous GM?

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